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World's Tiniest House.. The One-Sqm-House at Just 10 Square Feet

This could be the world’s smallest usable house. I like to stereotype it as a micro house.

At just one square meter (10-square-feet) it’s certainly one of the tiniest shelters around, wouldn’t you agree?

It’s unique in that it serves you in two ways by flipping the home on it’s side or having it stand upright.

When you lay it on its side, you can use it for sleeping, lounging, or reading. When you turn it up you can sit at your tiny desk or even use the window to open yourself up to the world.

It’s as simple as that. The only other feature you’ll find is that it has wheels and it’s extremely lightweight so it’s easy to take with you and you can tip it over and back up all by yourself since it weights just under 90 lbs.

Since it’s release, it’s been rented out on Airbnb.com and has now been featured on the Real Estate sections of Yahoo! and AOL. The YouTube video of the house- which you can watch below- has now served more than 206,000 views.

The One-Sqm-House Micro House

Photo Credit Airbnb.com One-Sqm-House

Who knows what else it will inspire? Watch the video below, enjoy the photos, and share what you liked best about it in the comments.

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Deek's Lollipop Tree-less Micro Treehouse

If you’re a regular visitor here to Tiny House Talk, you’re most likely already familiar with Deek.

He builds micro homes in his backyard most of the time for $200 or less. Most recently he shows us how to make our own stained glass windows for a $1 or less.

Recently he held a Tiny House Summer Camp in Vermont which was sold out where attendees got to design and build two tiny cabins.

Today he was featured on the Yahoo! homepage and his micro shelters have now been seen by millions of people around the world.

He’s author of the book Humble Homes, Simple Shacks and he blogs over at RelaxShacks.com.

This Yahoo! interview features his latest creation, which he calls the Lollipop. It’s a tree-less treehouse.

Deek's Lollipop Tree-less Micro Treehouse

Photo by Derek "DEEK" Diedricksen of RelaxShacks.com

Watch the Yahoo! feature below right now…  [click to continue…]


Now here’s a micro guesthouse that makes ultimate use of it’s tiny space. At just 68-square-feet, it’s incredible what the owner was able to pack in there.

I don’t know about you, but I found this tiny house to be simple yet genius and it looks like it might have been relatively inexpensive to build.

Anyway, this backyard tiny house has three unique space saving design ideas that really stand out which are a:

  • murphy-style roll out bed,
  • hidden underground bathtub,
  • and a tiny corner sink in the shower.

You can hardly see it in the photos but it also features a living roof (also known as green roof). Let’s check it out. Also just added a video tour that my friend Deek went out and did on this micro house for Make Magazine.

Video Tour of this Micro Guesthouse / Tiny House with Deek

Video thanks to Deek over at RelaxShacks.com.

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Walden Tiny House and Derek Diedricksen's Micro Cabin

Article by Laura LaVoie

During my research for topics to share with my fellow Tiny House Enthusiasts, I came across this blog post by Emily Badger at The Atlantic Cities. Here Emily shares a conversation she had with Tiny House author Mimi Zeiger.

In their conversation, Zeiger offers several psychological profiles of people who love and want to live in tiny spaces.

  • The Walden – the minimizer, simplifier, and environmentally conscious.
  • The DIY – the person who wants control over everything, even building their own home
  • The Cuteness – the person who just loves everything in miniature
  • The Puzzler – the one who wants to jam as much functional stuff into as small a space as possible.
Walden Tiny House and Derek Diedricksen's Micro Cabin

I got to thinking about these categories and how they apply to me and to other tiny home builders that I know. Like any other psychological profile, it is difficult to fit individuals into neat and tidy categories.

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Hornby Island Caravans Tiny House on Wheels

If you’ve been wanting a tiny house on a trailer to call your own, and you don’t like the idea of climbing a ladder up to a sleeping loft, then this one might be yours.

This particular model is being used as an office and was built for a customer by Hornby Island Caravans.

Ian and Mathona wanted an office that could also serve as a micro guest house when family or friends come over. So they did what anybody would do… (I’ve been waiting for the chance to use that line.)

According to this, they had a 16′ caravan designed and built with built-in furniture, a double bed, window seat, desk, wood stove, and plenty of storage built-in to park in the yard.

One detail that I really loved was how they used the tongue of the trailer to create a welcoming deck. That’s pretty clever, don’t you think? and I don’t recall seeing that before.

You might also like how they made everything inside and out remain so natural looking. Don’t miss the wall shelves! Okay, I’ll let the photos do the rest of the talking.

Hornby Island Caravans Tiny House on Wheels

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How to Make Stained Glass Windows for $1

In this episode of Make Magazine with Tiny Yellow House Deek shows you how to make your own stained glass for no cash!

So it’s not REALLY stained glass but it’s how to achieve the same sort of look and feel for much cheaper and many times for free with what you might have laying around the house, garage, attic, or shed.

What should you look for, you may be asking? Colorful plastic plates. If you don’t have any you can probably find some at your local dollar store, garage sale, or any store that sells home goods. They’re usually pretty cheap too.

Play the video below so you can watch Deek go through every step on how to prep, cut, and create your own stained glass on the cheap!

How to Make Stained Glass Windows for $1

Photo by Derek Diedricksen and Make Magazine on YouTube

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500-square-foot Apartment Renovation for Work and Living by James Hong

Article by Laura LaVoie

Off Beat Spaces shows how designer James Hong took a 500 square foot New York aparatment from rundown to luxury by repurposing items and reimagining spaces.

This video shows in only a couple of minutes what one designer could do to create an amazingly modern space while staying within what he refers to as a “modest scale.”

His work with his home shows that sometimes you just need to see the potential. Creating a beautiful space out of something that most people would have passed on is nothing less than miraculous, but if you talk to people like Hong who have done it for themselves they see it as the obvious next step.

Hong notably uses an old kitchen pot to build a sink rather than purchasing a new sink from the local home improvement store. It takes vision to combine these elements into something decorative and functional.

500-square-foot Apartment Renovation for Work and Living by James Hong

Photo by SpacesTV on YouTube

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