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Dee Williams - Tiny House Radio Interview

Next month there is a Tumbleweed tiny house building workshop with Dee Williams.

It’s a weekend workshop that runs Saturday and Sunday from 9 am to 5 pm.

The dates are October 29-30, 2011. If you get your tickets before October 10 you can save 25%.

Dee Williams at Tumbleweed Tiny House Building Workshop

Dee Williams has been living in her custom made tiny house since 2004. She built it for just $10,000 using mostly reclaimed materials.

Since then Dee has been helping other people learn how to build their own little houses. She has also written a book called Go House Go which shows you how to build your own tiny house on wheels.

Tiny House Construction Workshop with DeeDee Williams - Tiny House Building Workshop

When: Saturday and Sunday, October 29-30, 2011, 9 am to 5 pm.

Where: Atlanta, GA (exact location TBA)

How much: $399 for a 2 day pass

Important: Save 25% ($100 off regular price) if you order before October 10.

What You’ll Learn

After you’re done with this workshop you’ll have learned everything you need to know on building a small, sustainable home. Specifically one on wheels.

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12 by 12 Cube House

Twelve Cubed makes a 12′ by 12′ cube house.

At such a small size you’d be surprised as to what fits inside.

Small houses like this one create opportunities for people while helping the environment.

The 144 Square Foot Cube House

Small spaces can help you get out of debt or start a new career because they help you save money.

Since the average one bedroom apartment is still somewhere around 800 square feet, we have to get creative to truly enjoy the benefits of living simply.

That’s what James Stuart is doing with his Twelve3 prefab tiny house company.

The company is based in Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

These little dwellings have a variety of uses, just like other tiny houses.

12 by 12 Cube House
YouTube Screenshot TwelveCubedHomes

  • Guest house
  • Rental
  • Studio

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ProtoHaus Tiny House Project

Ann Holley is a student at Alfred University at the Museum of Fine Arts.

A few short years ago she and her partner Darren Macca decided to build their own tiny house of just 125 square feet.

Off-the-Grid Tiny House

It was originally located on the property of AU and it is completely off the grid.

The house uses solar power for electricity and the refrigerator and oven are powered by propane.

ProtoHaus Tiny House Project

On the outside it’s 22′ long and it’s 8′ 6″ wide. Inside it’s 17′ and 7′ 6″.

So it’s 125 square feet inside without including the 9′ by 7′ 6″ sleeping loft.

There’s also a front porch where you can sit and relax.

The entire house is built on a trailer so that it’s easy to transport.

Interior Design

When you walk in through the front door there are two closets on each side so that there’s room for your stuff.

Directly above that area there’s an overhead loft space for more storage. There’s also a little window up there.

In the opposite side is the sleeping loft which looks welcoming and open. The dormers give you more space and light.

ProtoHaus Tiny House Project
Screenshot YouTube AlfredUniv

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MTVs Extreme Cribs goes to SunRay Kelleys Natural Village

In this Extreme Cribs episode MTV takes you to SunRay Kelley’s Homestead.

You’ll explore several of his buildings that are on the property.

The cool part is you get to hear stories from the perspective of somebody who grew up here.

His daughter, Kumara, will give you the full tour of what MTV calls Natural Village.

The SunRay Kelley Homestead Features a…

  • Gypsy Wagon
  • Lama Tree House
  • Harbin Temple
  • Buddha House

Each of which are completely unique (and awesome). If you want to see pictures of each just click here.

I found all of this thanks to Lloyd Kahn of Shelter Publications.

MTV Extreme Cribs Episode at SunRay Kelley’s Homestead

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Found thanks to Shelter Publications

Humble Homes Simple Shacks by Derek DEEK Diedricksen

A winner has been selected for Deek‘s Humble Homes, Simple Shacks book giveaway.

It was great reading all of your comments and suggestions.

So I made a video that tells it all. Including how I picked the winner.

You can watch it right here below. Don’t worry–we’ll have giveaways like this more often.

Thank you for participating and a big thanks to Derek over at RelaxShacks.com.

If you want to pre-order a copy of his new triple-caffeinated expanded edition you can get it at Amazon.

Humble Homes Simple Shacks by Derek DEEK Diedricksen

Tiny Log Cabin Rental on a Trailer

This tiny log cabin on a trailer is 8′ x 16′.

It’s in Plattsburgh, NY and if you have been wanting to stay in a tiny house for a few nights–you can take your next vacation in this one!

If your spouse or significant other is hesitant this can be a way for you to give it a real shot.

The owner, Les, built the home himself back in 2009 and he uses it as a rental on his property on Lake Champlain.

There’s a private beach where visitors can kayak, canoe, row boat or paddle boat.

He built this in a unique way compared to most other tiny houses on trailers out there because he left the sides on the utility trailer intact.

Les designed it this way because he believes it’s stronger this way structurally. I think that’s a good point and I like the way he did it–notice below.

Tiny Log Cabin on a Trailer - For Rent
Photos Courtesy of Les Delorimier

This little house has the following features inside:

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Garage converted to a Modern Small House

Earlier this year I showed you this garage that was converted into a small modern house.

It’s unique because of it’s multifunctional interior design. But also because it was originally an unwanted and abandoned garage.

There are sliding doors that can optionally cover the entire house, giving the resident maximum privacy.

Even when it’s all closed up it’s designed so that natural light still comes in because of the porch and glass sliding doors. You’ll have to see it to get it.

It’s 430-485 square feet depending on if you include the patio area and the upstairs bedroom.

Inside there’s a large custom made piece of wooden furniture, designed by the architect, that provides nearly all of the functionality for the home.

The large box inside serves as a…

  • Closet
  • Storage space
  • Sofa bed
  • Bedroom
  • Bathroom
  • Desk

Without that unique piece, it would be nearly impossible to fit all of these features in the home while maintaining the openness that it has right now.

Garage Converted to a Modern Small House
Photos Courtesy of Fabre De Marien

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