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Little Houses, Big Profits on Fox Business News

I was excited to see tiny houses featured on Fox Business today with Jay Shafer founder of Tumbleweed Tiny House Company.

Their 170 square foot Popomo was featured with an interviewer commentating and exploring it inside out.

She’ll show you the bedroom with shelving.

The closet for your stuff. The open living room.

The tiny kitchen and the teeny bathroom (with a surprise).

Little Houses, Big Profits on Fox Business News

Video length: 6:05

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Source: Buy a 70 Square Foot Home – Fox Business

Get Your Popomo Tiny House Plans – Just Like The House Shown Here

Velomobile - Car Meets Bicycle - All Pedal - Zero Gas

Have you ever heard of a Velomobile? If you’re like most Americans, you have never seen one before.

The cool people over at Faircompanies went and visited Stephen Mosca who uses one for his daily commute.

What is it and why?

It’s a tricycle that’s encapsulated in a lightweight aerodynamic shell.

It protects you from the sun, rain and cold all while you pedal.

From the outside it looks like some sort of miniature car.

Daily Commuter? Yes!

Mosca pedals 15 miles to work in a business suit with his belongings and a coffee.

He’s able to travel up to 28 miles per hour and he says it’s easier to maintain those speeds because of the shape that cuts through wind.

Velomobile - Car Meets Bicycle - All Pedal - Zero Gas

Video length: 10:07

Combine it with Electric Power

Yes, you can add electric power to one to make it even more amazing.

I can imagine a world where more of these are used, that would certainly be awesome.

So how much does one cost?

Great question. They start at $8,500. For more information on how you can get your hands on one, talk to Stephen Mosca at Undercover Cycling.

This video and blog posts was thanks to Faircompanies. If you want more awesome posts like this, subscribe towards the top right.

Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Photo Credit: Undercover Cycling

215 SF PreFab Tiny House

The same Indian company that has produced the world’s cheapest car has announced its latest product which is a flat-pack tiny house that costs about $700.

It can be assembled in a week and is said to be 215 square feet. It’s a pre-fabricated kit with doors, windows and a roof.

According to reports they are experimenting with a few designs. The homes are designed to last about 20 years.

A larger version of the home will also be available. The company is hoping to sell it to private buyers and state governments throughout India.

An Example of a 215 Square Foot Prefabricated Home

The photos of the home shown below are by Sustain Design Studio and have no affiliation with Tata.

I just wanted to show you what a 215 square foot home looks like.

215 SF PreFab Tiny House

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Hey guys quick announcement on the Popomo tiny house.

If you’ve been on the fence about getting your first set of plans right now might be a great time because Tumbleweed announced a sale on their Popomo design.

This is their easiest house to build on a trailer.

It’s designed with steel siding which is unique.

Another cool thing is that it’s their widest little house design that’s on a trailer because it sits over the wheels on a flat bed style trailer.

In total it’s 8 feet and 6 inches wide inside and there’s still no special permit needed to tow it.

Cost to build is approximately $20,000 if you purchase brand new materials.

I explain all of this and more for you in this 5 minute video I put together…

If you’re ready to order your Popomo tiny house plans click here.

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Park Model Tiny House for Sale

Mary’s park model tiny house is in Reno, Nevada and is currently for sale.

It’s a 1996 CasaVilla Park Model on a trailer and she says it has approximately 480 square feet of space inside.

There is one bedroom along with a large loft up top where there’s plenty of space for sleeping and storage.

The full bathroom has plenty of pantry space and if you are interested in buying the appliances are included.

There’s also an add on office that is 6′ by 15′. It fits right into the house but is removable if you needed to move it.

A house on a trailer of this size normally needs a permit and special drivers license to move so take that into account.

The home has full skirting to disguise the trailer underneath and the hitch is detachable and can be stored below.

Most of you will enjoy the photos that they’re sharing with us. I think it looks really nice, how about you?

If you’re interested in buying it you can contact Bonnie at [email protected]

Park Model Tiny House for Sale

Park Model Tiny House for Sale - Exterior

Park Model Tiny House for Sale - Bedroom

Park Model Tiny House for Sale - Kitchen

Deek's RelaxShacks Micro Cabins

So I successfully made my trek and back to Boston for Derek Diedricksen’s micro cabin workshop.

I left on Friday morning and got back Sunday evening so it was a relatively short trip. I enjoyed several rum and Dr. Pepper’s (that got pricey), a little bit of Wendy’s and five separate airplane rides.

On this post you’ll get to experience a taste of some of the fun we had, the cool people I met, the micro cabins we built and a couple of other surprises.

Deek’s Awesome Collection of Micro Cabins

First I’ve got to say how awesome it was to check out his creations in person.

Deek's RelaxShacks Micro Cabins

Deek's Micro Cabin

Building Alongside Like Minded People

People who attended got to learn hands on how to design and build alongside Derek and his brother Dustin who we all had the opportunity to learn from.

All who attended had a chance to take part in the design and construction of two cabins using partly recycled materials, some creativity and a bit of labor.

Deek's RelaxShacks Micro Cabin Slash Tiny House Workshop
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