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Dan Louche - Tiny House Builder

A few weeks ago I got to meet Dan Louche, his family and got to hang out inside the tiny house that he built for his mom.

Now he’s planning to do it again down here in Florida. When it’s all finished you’ll have the chance to buy it or he might decide to keep it for himself as a vacation home.

During the process Dan’s going to create a new set of plans which you’ll eventually be able to purchase as well. Options are good!

Sleeping loft this time around

I love the idea of a sleeping loft just because it creates a lot more room for the house. So Dan’s going to do that this time around which I think is awesome.

So he’s already bought the following and is well on his way towards building his tiny house on a trailer (version 2).

  • Trailer ($2700)
  • Windows ($3000)
  • Home Depot order ($5500)

Dan Louche - Tiny House Builder

You can read more details over at Dan’s blog. I’m really looking forward to keeping up with his progress as well as driving up there a few times to help out. Stay tuned.

Photo Credit Dan Louche

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