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Tumbleweed Vardo Tiny House slash Gypsy Wagon Camper Plans

If you love Tumbleweed’s tiny house designs but you’d prefer something even smaller, then the Vardo gypsy style camper (link to video version of this post) might be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Gypsy Style Super Tiny House

It’s a gypsy style camper that will fit in the back of your truck or on a small trailer. It’s perfect if you want to travel or just use it for camping on the weekends.

It’s also a great way to spruce up on your building skills before you tackle a larger project.

Using Recycled Materials

Jay Shafer, founder of Tumbleweed, built the first Vardo from mostly recycled materials. He only had to spend a few hundred dollars to make it, and you can make it look really cool if you find some stained glass you can use for a window.

Jay and his wife have actually used it themselves when traveling throughout California and I wouldn’t mind having one myself!

The Plans, So You Can Build One For Yourself

As usual Jay and their team have created detailed plans to make it easy for you to follow and build your own. The building plans include…

  • Elevation drawings from all 4 sides
  • Window and door openings
  • Finish materials
  • Two pages on how to frame each wall (front, back and sides)
  • How to create the rounded roof
  • How to create the slight angle on the side walls
  • Floor framing
  • How to insulate and where
  • What types of wood studs to use
  • What materials to use
  • How to secure it to your truck
  • How to secure it to a trailer

With the plans you also get details on the doors and other basic components.

Tumbleweed Vardo Tiny House slash Gypsy Wagon Camper Plans
Image: Tumbleweed Houses

For a complete list of what’s included plus interior pictures of this gypsy wagon visit Tumbleweed Houses.

On Sale Until July 8th 2011

If you want the plans the sale ends soon and trust me… The price is right.

Regularly $29.95 you can gain instant access to the plans for just $15.95. Click the link below to make your purchase.

Tumbleweed Vardo Camping Tiny House – On Sale for just $15.95 – Ends July 8 2011

Note: After July 8th the price goes back to $29.95.

Video Version of this Post

Ford Transit Stealth Van Dwelling Camper slash Cargo Van

This Ford Transit Cargo Van slash Stealth Camper is too awesome.

Makes for a great live in vehicle while traveling because there’s enough room for everything you need.

And nobody knows your camping in there because it looks pretty much like a work vehicle.

Inside you’ll find…

  • A kitchenette
  • Fold down bunk beds
  • Cooler
  • Port-a-potty

And he’s even got enough room set aside for his road bike. Now this looks like a blast.

Enjoy the photos and leave your thoughts in the comments.

Ford Transit Stealth Van Dwelling Camper slash Cargo Van

Ford Transit Stealth Van Dwelling Camper slash Cargo Van

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UPDATE: I recently added a newer video tour of when Dan held his open house. Check it out right here.

This Monday I drove up to visit Dan over at his Dad’s where he is building his second tiny house on a trailer.

This time he created a new set of plans that he’s using for the home and you’ll see how awesome it’s turning out in the video we created while I was there.

Fun with sugar sand

When I got there I was greeted by a friendly dirt road and I thought “oh no problem”.

But a few blocks down it got worse.

This is what I was facing

Again… I had gone too far. So I turned around and you’ll have to watch the video to see what happened next.

Driving down a dirt road

The little house on a trailer

I was really impressed with the house and how fast they have been putting it together. Currently, they’re waiting on windows so that’s what’s holding them back.

Here’s a shot of the progress while I was there on Monday.

Dan's Tiny House on a Trailer Project Part 2

Video length: 12:11


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See you next time!


Dan's Tiny House Project Part 2

Most of you have already met Dan Louche who built a tiny house on a trailer for his mom.

I had the pleasure of visiting him and his family a few weeks ago and we made a fun video while we were there.

It seems like in no time at all he is well on his way toward finishing his second tiny house project.

Like I showed you earlier this week, he has altered his design a bit and has used what he’s learned from the first time around to make his second home on wheels even better.

I’m thrilled to see the finished product as well as the upcoming plans that he will be coming out with next.

In just four short days he has gone from this…

Dan's Tiny House Project Part 2

To this…

Dan Louche Tiny House Project Number 2

Very impressive you guys!

Click on over to Dan’s blog to learn more and stay tuned because he’s keeping us updated there with videos and all.

Photo credits: Dan Louche

LaMar's Small Off Grid Solar Cabin

I have been emailing back and forth with LaMar, of Simple Solar Homesteading, for more than a year.

Today he’s going to tell you a little more about himself. You have probably seen his small off grid solar cabin around the web before.

Here are some questions I had for him and I think you’ll enjoy his answers below. Thank you so much for sharing your life with us, LaMar.

What got you to start the construction of your solar cabin?

How has it changed your life, what do you love most about it compared to before?

How long have you been in your current design?

What’s in store for the future for you, your cabin, or are there completely different plans for you?

What has been your biggest challenge during the process?

Tell us about your solar power ebook/plans.

I’ll hand it off to LaMar now. By the way I own a copy of his solar building plans and they are a great value if you are wanting to learn all of this stuff. A link to where you can order them is provided for you below at his website.

LaMar's Small Off Grid Solar Cabin
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Tumbleweed Harbinger Small House

Tumbleweed Houses is well known for Jay Shafer’s tiny houses which are normally built right onto trailers.

But did you know they also design small houses?

Living in a tiny house is cool and can probably even be done with multiple occupants but let’s face it…

We’re happier with our own space.

So if you’re used to life on a sailboat, then tiny living should be easy for you.

But if you’ve got a family, you should check out small houses instead.

So let’s look at the 310-407 square foot Harbinger

Tumbleweed Harbinger Small House

Photo Credit Tumbleweed Houses

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Deek's UB30 Treehouse in Vermont for his brother's 30th birthday

Derek “Deek” Diedricksen is always up to something awesome. Earlier this month he showed us a little something he did for his brother.

The UB 30 treehouse.

Happy 30th Dustin!

Deep in the woods of Vermont is this two sleeper treehouse.

Super simple and inexpensive design but oh how much better it is than a tent…

Treehouse with a face

I love it. It overlooks a stream and sort of looks like it has eyes, haha.

Salvage window was used in here.

Support beams on the bottom attached to live trees. Very impressive!

Looking forward to having a blast with you all at the workshop July 9th.

I love the see-through roof and sides. Too cool, Deek.

Watch the full tour below.

Video length: 8:08

Deek's UB30 Treehouse in Vermont for his brother's 30th birthday

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