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Apocalyptic Tiny House

The end of the world is not my favorite subject to talk about, but this post is entitled Apocalyptic Tiny House.

This might leave you a little disturbed because it’s made out of rusty welded steel with no windows so that it may blend in with an environment that also looks like this?

Actually the home was designed by Atelier Van Lieshout as a statement about the current state of society.

All of the connections are welded together like the locks and large industrial hinges. The doors are large clunks of steel that match the rest of the body.

Inside you’ll find two benches to sit, a toilet, little shelf, and a welded fireplace/oven/stove.

Apocalyptic Tiny House
photo credit Atelier Van Lieshout
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Matt and Laura's Tiny House on a regular Foundation

Meet Matt and Laura. They’re building their own Tiny House in the woods of western North Carolina while they live and work in Atlanta.

That means progress on the house is made on the weekends. And high five for power tools! They started in April of 2009 and are nearing completion almost two years later.

I wanted to take a moment to publicly congratulate you two (yes you, Matt and Laura!) on your first year of working on Life in 120 Square Feet (click to visit their blog).

You’ll notice that theirs is not built on a trailer and instead they decided to go with a more permanent approach (I’m sure they could move it if they wanted to later).

Matt and Laura's Tiny House on a regular Foundation

I like the idea of using a traditional foundation versus building on wheels. It gives these homes way more of that Thoreau feel, you know? And I like that.

If you’re wondering, they used the Tarleton design from Tumbleweed Tiny Houses.

You can learn more about them and their previous progress at the links below.

Life in 120 Square Feet Blog
LiveJournal Archives

Photo Credit: Matt and Laura

Truck or Bus House in the Woods

When I think about tiny houses I sometimes feel like it’s something new, but you and I know it isn’t.

Here’s another interesting way that people have figured out as a way to live simply in a world where building codes and laws have set limits on how small we’re allowed to build.

Tiny houses built on old trucks and buses. How would you make your own (if you wanted to)?

One of my good friends who lives in California sent me this picture just the other day and I knew you’d enjoy it.

Truck or Bus House in the Woods

It’s got a complete upstairs area and it even looks like it has a permanent slide out.

The roof addition is interesting which keeps it better protected from the elements.

I think this is neat (and I wonder if it runs) but if I did it it would be something more stealthy so that you could easily travel and park in places without attracting attention. Needless to say this is a great example of how you can bring old things back to life.

What would you do with a spare school bus and a few thousand dollars to remodel it? Tell us in the comments.


I have been hesitant to write about this but I know that some of you are looking for ways to start your own simple Internet-based business and I love this topic because it’s what I’m doing full-time and it’s intriguing.

This post is for you if you have that interest or if you already run a small business and are looking for ways to expand so you can reach more people.

So let’s jump right in.

There are so many ways to go about building a business online. I’m going to take you through seven different ways that I am familiar.

I’ll only show you businesses you can start and run from a really small space. Since you’re here on some kind of computer, you can most likely start with what you’re already using.

Providing High Value Information On A Topic (#1-6)

Whether you can help others pass a professional exam or if you just want to share information on a subject that you are passionate about it’s never been simpler to make it on your own as a researcher/writer/publisher than it is today.

And writing is only the beginning because you can provide information through audio podcasts and videos too.

Publishing Platforms

  • Free blogs (WordPress, Blogger, TypePad)
  • Writing for places large websites where you receive a percentage of revenue forever (no costs)
  • Website (if you want to build advertising income)
  • Paid blog (easy to start and you get full control versus free versions)
  • Podcast (audio programs – if you like to talk)
  • Video (if you are comfortable with video)

Ways You’d Make Money

I won’t let you expect this to be easy because it’s not. It will take you at least six months of consistent, focused effort to see results in income.

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Cai House - Tiny And Mobile But Expands to 420 Square Feet!

At first glance it’s like every other tiny home that you see on a trailer. Then you realize it’s designed to fold out and expand into a full 420 square feet by the owner, designer and builder Nick.

Cai House ™ is a start up company in Fletcher, Vermont. The home is two stories, wood frame, and yes it’s on wheels.

On his blog he describes it as “a super insulated RV disguised as a cabin or cottage.”

I think the builder would be interesting to talk to. 1. What would you ask him? 2. Would you buy or build this house? Let’s talk about it in the comments. He spent about $50,000 building it.

If you want to learn more about Nick Hurt (designer/builder) you can jump over to his blog where he gives you more details about the house.

His son created a great video of how the house works. Like how it folds out and expands into a 420 square foot cabin! You can watch the video at the bottom of this post.

Cai House - Tiny And Mobile But Expands to 420 Square Feet!

Cai House - Tiny And Mobile But Expands to 420 Square Feet!

Cai House - Tiny And Mobile But Expands to 420 Square Feet!

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Dan Louche's Tiny House

You love the idea of living in a tiny house so you can have a maintenance free lifestyle with super low expenses.

I do too, but where are you going to park it?

If you’re like most people you prefer living in an environment where you can easily get to places like a park, grocery store, work, and neighbors.

It’s nice to be able to hop over to a coffee shop or something when you don’t feel like being home. After all, your house is tiny so you might as well be pretty close to the places you like to go to.

Those are my beliefs anyway and I am sure you have your own.

Finding your space to build and park

If you are buying your house ready made you really only have to worry about one spot which is where you are going to park it and live in it.

If you’re building it yourself you need to have another place where you’re allowed to construct it. Lots of times this might be the same place.

Here are some general ideas where you can start looking…

  • Backyards where RV’s or sheds are allowed
  • Renting your own piece of land (more on this later)
  • RV parks
  • Run a free Craigslist WANTED ad
  • Newspaper classified WANTED ad
When posting on Craigslist I highly recommend using a photo of a tiny house so that potential land owners see what you’re working with and understand that they will not be having to look at an eye sore beat up travel trailer, etc.

Renting land or bartering with business owners is a great way to find a solution. And don’t forget to ask whoever you talk to if they know anybody else who might be up for the idea. I’ve found the best and most honest people to do business with just by asking person to person.

You can also search your local craigslist and look in your newspaper but I recommend for you to explore areas of interest to get a feel for everything and talk to people about what you’re doing.

A profitable tiny house situation
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(You can read or watch the video version if you scroll down)

Now I’m not talking about a small house. I’m saying a tiny Tumbleweed house. You know, those little 65 to 120 square foot homes that are built on flat bed trailers.

Let’s pretend for a moment that your partner was completely cool with the idea because I know that most of us aren’t so lucky (understandably). So let’s just make believe for now.

And who knows, maybe you’ll have him/her convinced after this?

First of all, why in the world would two people want to live in such a small space? I mean, it’s practically a fully featured walk in closet with windows and a sleeping loft.

Who in their right minds would want to live in something so small?

Let’s go over the top 7 reasons for you and “yours truly” to move into a tiny house…
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