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Tiny House Before Siding

There’s a new tiny house builder on the web, they’re called Little Great Camp Cabin. They offer to build a tiny cabin with whatever floor plan you want.

On their website they talk about using the houses as vacation cottages, permanent tiny houses, ski lodge, cabins, and as a means towards affordable housing.

I love seeing new builders pop up… I’m sure someone in Florida is already up to it. 🙂

They will build the house on a trailer so that you can move it anywhere. They have more than forty years of construction experience and are located in northern New York (Plattsburgh, NY).

Below are some of their photos…

Tiny House Before Siding

Tiny House construction

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Small House on Craigslist

I ran into this today looking for new small / tiny house stuff.

It’s a Craigslist listing for a really small house in Minneapolis, MN. It’s a one bedroom with handicapped accessibility.

It’s $750 per month. You can see the small kitchen and one picture of the exterior of the house; looks like it’s just a guest house in a regular lot.

Click here to see the listing.

Here’s a screen shot of it in case you ended up on this page after the listing expires.

Small House on Craigslist

Small House on Craigslist - Pictures

Small House

Today I’ve got three random small houses to show you. One that I took and the other two are from around the web.

I’ve been pretty busy working on some new sections over at Tiny-House-Living.com my other “resource” style tiny house website which I love working on.

Two new sections there in the works right now — one on cob houses and the other on electric bicycles.

I decided to do a section on e-bikes because they’re a perfect alternative to cars for those who don’t want to make the full plunge and depend on their two legs all the way. Plus you can go faster while still pedaling.

I can’t help it, I love technology. 🙂

On a side note we reached 300 “Likes” on our Facebook page today, woohoo! Thanks everyone!

Small House

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450 SF Multifunctional Small Apartment that Converts

Remember that high tech convertible small apartment in Hong Kong? All of the rooms would transform making all of the space multifunctional.

Here’s a 450 square foot Manhattan apartment that has been uniquely redesigned by architect Michael Chen and assistant Kari Anderson.

This one is not as crazy as the Hong Kong one, but probably way more practical.

The teacher/resident Eric Schneider wanted the place to serve as a home where he can cook, store his stuff, sleep, entertain, and work.

What did they do? They knocked down most of the walls and recreated the place with transformer cabinets.

UPDATE: You can now watch a video tour and interview below.

Tiny Transformer Manhattan Apartment

450 Square Foot Apartment Redesign

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Kangoo Tiny Motorhome Conversion

The Kangoo is a small panel van / leisure activity vehicle made by Renault the French automaker. It’s been in production since 1997 and sold in places like Latin America, Europe, France, and Sweden.

In some models the rear seats and even windows can be removed. This feature became popular for customers who use wheelchairs.

This is an example of somebody who took this vehicle and turned it into a tiny motorhome / camper.

I’m pretty impressed with the conversion. Notice the storage racks up top and the attention to detail just about everywhere.

I’m sure this can be done with the newer Ford Transit Connect in the U.S. — it’s only a matter of time before someone does it if someone’s already not!

Kangoo Tiny Motorhome Conversion

Kangoo Tiny Camper

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Tiny Motorhome

Tiny motorhomes are awesome because they do great on gas, are inexpensive to buy, and can fit just about anywhere (parking space wise).

But we don’t have any THIS SMALL being made in the United States… But *soon* I think we will.

Check these out, they are perfect for simple traveling (not really much room) but enough to get you from place to place efficiently while giving you place to sleep.

More than one person in here? I’m not sure??The Toyota one definitely looks big enough for two but not sure about the other… particularly that little gray one… it’s TINY.

Other downfall is that these engines may not be able to handle going up hill too well but I could be wrong on some models. Anyways this will make up for it in fuel costs.

Would you consider an RV this small??

These three photos are thanks to Geno’s blog who traveled to Japan to get these photos. Check out his blog here.

Tiny Motorhome

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Teardrop Trailer and a Tiny House

I was looking at the Ford Transit Connect earlier because I’ve been seeing them around town lately and thought, man these would be perfect coupled up with a teardrop trailer!

So I went on a search to see if anyone out there has posted their Transit + Teardrop Trailer pictures. I didn’t get an exact match but it led me to some other cool (and unique) finds.

Did you know the Transit Connect packs the same cargo room as a pick up truck? You can really fit quite a lot in there and when you add a teardrop you can see how this can be a really fun way to adventure.

But anyway, let me show you what I did find…

A super tiny teardrop trailer with one of the world’s smallest cars along with a tiny house in the background.

Teardrop Trailer and a Tiny House

Photo: http://www.yotatech.com/f172/teardrop-trailers-182850/ Original source unknown

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