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Diedricksen Brothers Tiny Cabin Escape in Northern Vermont 01

This is the story of the Diedricksen brothers and their tiny cabin escape in Northern Vermont.

They originally bought the land in 2000, and have been working on the cabins for years.

Since they live in the city, this was an awesome and inexpensive escape for them to get away from the hustle and bustle of Boston.

The cabin gives them, their friends, and family a quiet getaway where they can enjoy nature, play music, and enjoy life.

They’ve been building and working on it since 2000 on weekends and whenever they’ve had extra time.

They used mostly no power tools to put everything together and there’s no running water on the property.

Brothers Derek and Dustin’s Tiny Cabin Escape in Northern Vermont

Diedricksen Brothers Tiny Cabin Escape in Northern Vermont

Images © RelaxShacksDOTcom/YouTube

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Sometimes the most feasible tiny house for most of us is a really small apartment. It’s a way to instantly downsize your living without having to leave your town, go rural, or start building a tiny house on a trailer.

You can usually find plenty of older apartments in great locations around 400-500 square feet. These types of places are great way to start because the rent is less than what you’re paying for a larger place, there’s no need to make a huge lifestyle changes, and you can still enjoy the benefits of reducing stuff in your life.

Then there are other unique apartments (unique to me, at least) that are created with extra space in someone’s house, an office building, a shipping container, or whatever!

And of course there are studios in parts of the world where the population is higher, etc.

So here’s a few video tours you’ll like…

A Tiny Home in Kyoto

Tokyo Studio Tour

Twelve by Twelve by William Powers

Most of you know that I live in a small apartment (about 500 square feet). This past week I finally put up some shelves that really helped make the place look and feel nice. Mainly my work area. Actually you can see exactly what I did here if you want.

On my last trip to the library I was so happy to stumble onto 12 by 12 by William Powers, have you heard of it?

I’m about 70% finished. Ever since I’ve been reading it it’s really got me wondering about putting together my own tiny off grid home near to where I currently live.

I’d be able to learn a lot and enjoy nature while still having my city apartment. We would use it to get away, write, read, relax, enjoy nature, and explore what it’s like to live without modern utilities.

I won’t ramble on about it, but the book really does get you thinking.

My next step is figuring where/how to go about getting a good place to do something like this in my surrounding area. Any ideas? South Florida.

This is what the book looks like:

Twelve by Twelve by William Powers

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