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8 x 10 Small house kits

These small house kits come in a variety of sizes from a company called MODERN-SHED. The most exciting part about this company is that they have dealers spread throughout the country.

Their main office is located in Seattle, Washington. Their smallest is 8′ x 10′ and cost ranges from $11,200 to $17,500.

The largest one is 14′ x 30′ and the cost ranges from $52,000 to $57,500 and there are more than 8 other models that are different in design and size.

One of my favorites is their Northwest Shed model–the 12′ x 16′ model is almost 200 square feet. They use cedar siding and the large glass sliding doors on it.

8 x 10 Small house kits
8′ x 10′

Photo Credits: MODERN-SHED

Watch their video tours below
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Tiny Apartment Houses

I ran into these tiny apartment houses yesterday and went back with my camera.

They’re decorated really nicely and are actually guest houses to a much larger house on the property. It’s a little confusing but I guess there are a total of three guest houses in addition to the regular house.

The apartments are really small, they’re more like studios. I wish I could buy the property and live in one of the studios while renting out the rest of the units here including the large house.

Enjoy the pictures and if you’re interested in buying the property the realtor’s phone number is at the bottom of the post.

Tiny Apartment Houses

So there are a total of three “tiny” studios on the property, two of which you see the entrances to right here. I included interior photos below.

This is a side view of the building and my bicycle.

Tiny Apartment Houses - Side View with THIRD apartment to the right

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Sphere Tree House

I wanted to feature this unique sphere tree house in Canada. The company who makes it is known as Free Spirit Spheres.

They have a few different sphere houses that they’ve built and offer them as rentals for you to stay in.

The pictures shown here are of the Eve sphere which is 9 feet in diameter and made of cedar strips.

It has speakers inside, a single bed, counter space, a table, and shelving.

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Free Spirit Spheres Tree House

Sphere Tree House

Photo Credits: Free Spirit Spheres

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