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It’s been a while since the last small space furniture post, so here’s #14. A collection of convertible / multifunctional furniture that will proudly double or triple serve your tiny house.

When furniture doubles its use as something it makes a big impact on the functionality of the house. Most importantly, it just saves space!

The first video below is a sofa that quite amazingly converts into a bunk bed in just a few seconds.

After that you’ll find a twin bed that also serves as a desk with storage. The best part is, no need to take things off the desk to go to sleep.

And a surprise video under that one.

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Chauncey and Dash Tudhope-Locklear, brothers, are creating positive social change in their community by offering a free bicycle coop, repair, mechanics, and education on fixing bikes.

They both make a living repairing bicycles and have started their own bicycle shop but it’s much more than just a bike shop because they offer so much.

They visit schools and teach the kids skills to work on their own bicycles, they give free services and labor to farmers, and so much more.

Anyways it’s really cool (and inspiring) to see what these two brothers are doing and have done in their own community, I think you’ll enjoy watching…

Passive Solar Cob House

Michael Smith shows us how he’s used straw bale and cob to insulate homes. He’s created a passive solar design using methods that date back all the way to ancient Greeks and Chinese.

During the summer they open up all their windows at night to allow the cool air to come into the house. In the morning they close up the windows and that coolness stays locked inside (thanks to the cob).

During the winter the heat from the sun is absorbed in the clay, straw bale walls and flooring. So this heat is trapped inside the building.

So in the summer the earth material (cob and straw bale) absorbs the cold and traps it inside. During the winter the strategically placed windows allow the sun’s heat to come in, absorb, and get trapped inside throughout the day.

Make any sense? Watch Michael explain it better than me right here…

Video thanks to Faircompanies

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