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A while back Chrysler toyed with the idea of manufacturing an office on wheels. The vehicle would include a telephone, table, and the front passenger seat swivels 180 degrees to allow for in-car meetings.

The center armrest in the back contains most of the office equipment.  They called it the Imperial Mobile Executive car and it even included a typewriter.

When not in use as an office it is a luxurious four passenger vehicle with reclining rear seats.  There is a space between the two front seats which holds the folding table and a small television.

The design was based on the 1966 Imperial Crown coupe.  The design even had plans for some sort of fax machine which I’m sure was state of the art in a vehicle back then.

Imagine what we can do today with our laptops, wireless internet connections, iPads, tiny printers, LCD screens, and other technologies.  I guess for many of us our iPads, iPhones, and laptops are all of this and more right in the palm of our hands…


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This house truck used to be an old horsebox which was converted into this wonderful living space.

It resembles a gypsy caravan in some ways while keeping a vintage feel.

It’s currently at Swallowtail Hill Farm and can sleep up to four people.

Yes–you can rent a few nights in it! It’s beautiful inside and out.

Inside you’ll find fresh Samburu blankets and bed linen.

Plus the house-truck has a small kitchen, refrigerator, bathroom with shower, and is surrounded with views of wildflower meadows, a pond, and woods.



Photos Courtesy of Canopy & Stars

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I just discovered Russ-StickAcres.com where the writer has a beautiful wee house surrounded by nature. I would certainly consider it a tiny house that is neat in many ways…

It’s round, has lots of windows, and is built using cordwood construction and bottles. There is an outhouse which she calls The Wee Wee House.

Her little cabin is used for reading, writing, day dreaming, and more… It has an awesome little custom refrigerator to keep beverages cool. You’ll see a photo of it from the outside of the house.

It’s very natural looking inside and out and is outfitted with bookshelves, a computer, printer, coffee maker, and more…

I love the large windows and screen doors. All of the materials used to build it were recycled which is awesome. Below are a few photos, for the rest please go give Woodswoman and Rustic Russ a visit to their blog.

wee house tiny cabin

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Ever wonder what it would be like living in a car? Or camping… Well, here are some interesting photos of how someone converted their station wagon into a sleeper.

I definitely wouldn’t want to actually live like this but it has to be one of the most economical ways to travel long distances. Cars a great on gas, they’re stealthy, and super easy to drive.

I have known people that set their small SUV’s up in this way with an air mattress when traveling cross country. It’s interesting to see it done with small cars as well. And hey, it’s an alternative to a teardrop camper when you don’t want to spend the money and trouble.

I wonder if the same can be done with regular sedans because the rear seats usually fold down. I guess the challenge would be creating a flat platform to sleep on.  So here, have a look how this one is set up…



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Abod is a subsidiary of BSB Design which has come up with a solution for homelessness through really small structures. The houses start at just $4,950 and are built on an arch frame with corrugated steel panels, and fiberglass slat coverings.

These homes are designed as solutions for low-income starter houses as well as replacements for settlements where there are no form of real housing at all.

The construction process seems simple and it’s done on a concrete foundation… The structures themselves are like miniature warehouses and they can be assembled in one day with the help of four people by using a screwdriver and an awl. Just two tools.

The structures are high quality, affordable, and durable. They are expected to last twenty to thirty years. Since they can be easily mass manufactured they are very inexpensive.

The layouts can also be personalized with small kitchens, toilets, showers, lofts, widows, and designs for doors, flooring, closets, and walls. The dwellings are also easily connected together to create a larger home.

“Abode is the opportunity for us to give something back to society. It’s time to realize our dream of making the world a better place in which to live.”
Doug Sharp
Chairman of the Board, BSB Design

abode tiny houses

abod tiny house 2

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Stephen Marshall of Little House on a Trailer gets another interview thanks to Faircompanies. Stephen doesn’t consider this home a tiny one, rather… a little house.

It’s 12 feet wide so that makes it feel much larger. At a first glance you really can’t tell that it’s built on a trailer. You will get a tour of the place including the kitchen which has a miniature sink, stove, and refrigerator combo.

The bathroom is interesting because it uses a $2,000 incinerating toilet which requires no septic tank or sewage hookup. There’s also a shower and a fireplace that I didn’t mention yet. And yes, it’s ready to be towed down the road.

He currently uses the space as an office and it was built with a 19th century Northern California rural farm house in mind so although it’s recently constructed it still provides you with that traditional atmosphere.

Enjoy the video right here…

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Have you heard about the construction of Florida’s first Earthship?

It is being built on a 10 acre property in Myakka City, Florida that is zoned for agriculture. They have plans to educate and involve people on natural building, permaculture, zero energy construction, and sustainable technology.

There are also ideas in the works to integrate shipping container houses, solar powered domes, and more.

The tires were collected locally and the dirt to fill them was dug out of the property itself which is now a wonderful looking pond.

In the center of the home there are wetlands that recycle greywater and grows food producing plants. This water is also used for toilet flushing. You’ll learn more about this in the video from Bryan Roberts the Earthship General Contractor.

If you are interested in participating, learning, investing, or getting involved in any other way check out the links below…

Earthship Florida Project’s Homepage

Earthship Florida on Facebook

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