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tiny house for sale

Update: SOLD.

There’s a tiny house for sale on Craigslist right now for just under $15,000.

It’s built by Tiny Green Cabins and the model is called the Wildflower.

The trailer is NOT included for the price so take that into consideration.

Here is the information provided on the Craigslist listing…

This cabin would be perfect as a hunting – fishing cabin on your property.

Can be set up on a slab, pier footings, or grade timbers.

I have lived in it the winter of 2009-10 and kept warm with a small heater.

tiny house for sale


House width: 8′

House length: 18′

Road Height when mounted on trailer: 13′ 5″

Dry Weight: 6,500 lbs (estimated)

Porch: 7′ ½” x 3′

Main Room: 6′ ½” x 6′ ½”

Loft height: 3′ 8″

Ceiling height: 6′ 3″ at Kitchen/Bath Area

(All measurements are approximate.)

The following features are currently a part of this tiny cabin:

1. Ultra Touch Cotton Insulation made from recycled blue jeans

2. Floor is insulated with Ultra Touch Cotton Insulation

3. Material is EOC certified

4. Tyvek House Wrap

5. Energy Star Steel Roof – Green

6. Wavy Edge Cedar siding and Cedar valley shingle siding

7. Fir WP4 T&G Soffits

8. Pine Exterior Front Door

9. 2 windows and screens on each long side

10. 1 Window on each end

11. Fir WP4 T&G Paneling, walls and ceiling

12. Exterior Stained

13. Loft window (awning that opens)

14. Ladder to Loft

15. Built in Bookcases and Storage Closet

16. Electric wiring and lighting fixtures

17. Trex Decking

2009 Wildflower Model

* Trailer NOT Included

For more information and to see more pictures see the cabin at:


Tiny Rustic Cabin

An artist and a musician couple built this tiny cabin as an escape in Delhi, New York.

Kim creates and sells calendars, prints, prisms, and wedding decorations through her website and in various shops in New York, Texas, and California.

They were inspired by photos of hand built homes from the 60’s and 70’s. Everything that you see was done by them and their friends and family.

What you see here is the result of four years worth of work (and it is still not 100% complete).

As you might imagine, they’ve learned quite a bit of carpentry skills along the way. They started with no experience whatsoever but learned as they went thanks to friends and family.

The tiny cabin features stained glass windows, a rustic feel all around, and plenty of musical instruments.

tiny cabin

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Kent pointed this eBay listing earlier in the week and I couldn’t get over what a cool idea it is as a hobby house on wheels.  There are so many people out there with hobbies and something like this would be of awesome use to them for MANY reasons…

  • More space for your stuff
  • A portable area to take with you to events
  • Light and small enough to be pulled by almost any vehicle
  • A portable office so that you can work anywhere?  Mobile backyard office?

This can be useful for so many different kinds of artists (music, painting, pottery, jewelry making, and so much more…).

Not only does it provide extra space to store some of the tools you need for whatever is that you do but it also can be used as a place to display and sell your work at events.  Add a simple awning with a neat wooden sign and you would be in business!

Some outside shelves and fold out tables wouldn’t hurt to bring, either…

Here are some photos from the eBay listing… Something like this seems very easy and affordable to put together.

This one is built on a 5′ x 6′ two wheeled trailer (one axle).  It has 2′ porches in the front and rear.  Built with 2×4’s and plywood siding and painted barn red.

More photos and information on the “hobby house on wheels” at the eBay listing.  Buy It Now for $2,950!  Located in Waco, Texas.


Another studio apartment that was just recently decorated by a friend of mine in Florida. It turned out looking great just by using the right furniture and some minor decorations.

She did it for her mother-in-law who is moving into town from up north.  Looks like a really comfortable place to live with easy maintenance.  Enjoy the photos and I hope it gives you some great ideas!

The only thing I would need to add is bookshelves and a desk.



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Deek and his new micro cabin are on his latest episode of Tiny Yellow House out for Make Magazine. This is another entertaining, funny, and educational video of Derek and his creations.

He’s going to show you details of his newer micro cabin which he calls the “Box Lady”. It can be used for the homeless, flea markets, displays, camping, storage, or anything else you can think of.

It was made from 35% salvaged materials and costs just $178 to construct. If you like this project, you’ll love Derek’s book Humble Homes, Simple Shacks… It has dozens of awesome DIY designs/projects.

Anyways, here is the video…


This New York apartment studio has been renovated for the needs of parents and a small child. The ceilings inside are about 12′ 6″ high which provided enough space to have a sleeping loft and second level storage in some areas.

The first level has a living room, dining area, plenty of closets, a full bathroom, kitchen, home entertainment center, small library, play area, baby’s room, and steps towards the sleeping loft and upper level storage areas.

The bed loft is above and between the dining and kitchen areas. Upper level storage is over the bathroom and kitchen.

And the child’s crib is perfectly nestled in what could otherwise be a walk in closet or little office.

Throughout the house you’ll find multifunctional furniture, beautiful flooring (stained concrete), and lots of book shelves.

Surprisingly, the bed loft has quite a bit of headroom. There’s an interesting deck area inside the house that’s 36″ high which is utilized as an entertainment center, storage, playroom, and library.

Everything in this home has its purpose and place. Some of the built in furniture reveals a pull out ironing board, hidden storage for toys under the deck, and so much more. PorterFanna did a marvelous job with this apartment studio.

The building where the apartment is located originally was St. John’s University Law School and was converted to residential housing in 1981. It used to also be known as the Tower in the Heights as an early 20th century building in Brooklyn, New York.



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