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Meet Glenn–he has been living in a Class B van in L.A. and is now on a summer odyssey across the U.S. We both happen to have the same model RV. One day he sent me a message inquiring about the windows on his rig.

Glenn is sharing his experiences traveling on his blog, To Simplify. He has been posting great pictures and I’m excited to continue following his journey. Let’s get the word out to help support his trip and motivate him to continue sharing his adventures with us. Follow him here.


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In this fun episode of Tiny Yellow House Derek and his brother explore a lake in Maine in hopes of purchasing a tiny island. Read more at RelaxShacks and/or watch below.

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This company is also known as Lodge on Wheels and has previously been covered on the Tiny House Blog a few years back.

I thought I’d bring it back to life today because their homes are beautiful.

Is 10′ Too Wide?

One of the first things you’ll notice is that these tiny houses are a little bit wider compared to Tumbleweed Houses.

You can tell by looking at the wheels on the trailer.

The first picture is Martin House Company and the second is Tumbleweed.

lodge-on-wheels-wider-than-tumbleweed versus  tumbleweed-trailer-wheels

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Today I ran into James Ward’s Beach Huts. His tiny structures are individually designed and beautifully detailed.

He offers his services almost anywhere in the UK and beyond. The shacks are made with red Swedish pine frames along with other high quality materials.

The decks are pressure treated to prevent rotting from wetness and every hut is unique. On his website he emphasizes that each shed is made reflecting the tastes of the customer.

That means that almost everything is customizable–including the interior, railings, deck, steps, windows, and colors.

Would you use a structure like this as a backyard office, tiny guest house, shed, or hobby room? I think they’d be perfect for a backyard art studio.


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Studio Shed is located in Boulder, Colorado and was founded by two people who love small houses but needed extra space.

A studio shed could be for storage, an office, meditation room, or anything else that you can think of.


The sheds come in prefabricated pieces and they use FSC-certified lumber. They’ve engineered the design to produce minimum waste.

Fabrication, Shipping, and Construction

The panels are fabricated in their building then they are packed and shipped to the customer’s site. They put everything together for you.


In most parts of the United States permits are not required for structures under 120 square feet. For this reason their 8×10, 8×14, and 10×12 models are more popular. Always check with your local regulation before making a decision.


Pricing starts at just $6,200 for a small 8×8 shed. You can use the configure option to customize your own shed–including its size, trim, color, windows, foundation, and installation through their website.


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Have you ever wanted to stay in a rustic style platform tent? In Washingston State there’s a place called Dosewallips where you can stay in one that’s 14 by 16 feet.

Inside you’ll find that it sleeps 5–three on the bunk and two on the futon. There’s also lights, table, and a heater. It’s made of white canvas with wood platforms.

Outside there’s a deck, picnic table, and fire grill. The bath and shower is a short walk away and your stay will cost you $45 to $55 per night depending on the time of year.

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Small Log Cabin

The resort is called Dunton Hot Springs and it’s in Colorado. It’s an incredible little ghost town in an alpine alley with mountain views and a waterfall.

Best of all it features historic cabins to stay in–some tiny and others quite large.

Why stay?

The beautiful scenery, historical feel, and relaxation. It’s an all inclusive luxury resort–take a look at the rooms.

Geysir Cabin
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