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It’s been announced that Jay Shafer of Tumbleweed Tiny House Co. will be in the National Spotlight this Sunday. He’ll be on the front cover of Parade magazine.

The front cover reads, “In a tough economy, Americans are downsizing in all sorts of ways.” It’s in their annual report titled Where Americans Live.

The magazine is featured in this Sunday’s Newspaper. Spread the news!


Read more about this at PressDemocrat (Article)

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This video features a man who’s lived in caves for 60 years. He created more cave dwellings around them and has rented them. One of the men featured on the video paid $300 for a year of rent there. He talks all about it on the video below. I ran into this thanks to Talking_biscuit on Twitter. Video provided by YERT (Your Environmental Road Trip).

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Hong Kong has 7 million inhabitants and many have no choice but to live in small spaces.

This includes families too.

Gary Chang created an incredible high tech apartment that features 24 different possible configurations.

At just 330 square feet that’s pretty amazing, don’t you think?

The entire walls move so that the bedroom, living room, kitchen, and everything else transforms as needed.

I think you’ll be amazed when you watch the video tour thanks to Faircompanies.

The home is nicknamed, “Domestic Transformer”. Check it out..


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OfficePOD is a company that caters to the growing number of people who work from home.

This product helps remove distractions to increase efficiency.

Tiny, Beautiful, Modern Backyard Offices by OfficePOD

I think more people will begin to work from home because technology makes it easier every year.

It’s also better for the environment and reduces commuting.

Tiny structures like these make it possible to have your office moved in the case that you re-locate.


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This video tours a 400 square foot apartment that seems to be at the heart of Barcelona. They lived their when it was just the two of them. From what I understand they have grown out of it as a family.



There’s no doubt about it—when living in a small space you have to start going vertical at some point. And when you do, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it earlier.

A great place to start is in that tiny kitchen. Magnetic spice racks can be used in a number of ways to help use wall space for storage. Before you know it you’ll have a good problem…

“What will I do with my extra space?”

Here are some neat ways to use magnetic spice racks. Add your own ideas in the comments.

• On the refrigerator
• Magnetic strip on open wall space
• On the inside of a cabinet door
• On inside pantry wall or door
• On your oven

Photo credit: Ross Catrow

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The Tumbleweed Loring is a 251 square foot small house design. There’s an option to upgrade with an additional bedroom making the house 356 square feet.

It’s wonderful design that makes for a beautiful simple home. It has a front porch, large enough great room for living, full kitchen, bathroom and a roomy upstairs sleeping loft.

If you got the extra bedroom option it would open up through the kitchen.

Tumbleweed’s Loring small house plans are available to download instantly.


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