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I found this video by Resurrected Refuse Action Team.

They’re a group of friends in Eugene, OR who builds these neat little domes.

They sort of remind me of a yurt in a way but they can be built to serve different purposes.

It can be a very basic dwelling or just an outdoor patio piece.

The video below will just kind of show you how it’s put together.

Click play and enjoy below if interested.

This company sells Icosa Huts, Packers and they also offer workshops.

Tiny Shed House

I passed by this shed a few weeks ago and had the chance to take a picture.

I’m really not sure if it’s being lived in or not, but I immediately noticed the three chairs and the pot.

If there is anyone living in there, it sure is small and there’s no room for a loft bed.

All that fits there is the very basics like a bed and some space to store personal items.

But most likely this is just a work shed. Anyways it’s still fun to wonder.

Tiny Shed House


So I just realized that our planned road trip is just 3 and a half months away. I’m finally starting to feel the excitement! Above is what we’ll be traveling in.

It’s a Ford Falcon 190 Class B RV with a couch that converts to a bed, an over head queen sized bed, little shower and tiny kitchen.

Things we have to do before it…

  • get the curtains finished
  • get the propane lines checked
  • get a shower curtain
  • finish the loft bed area

Pretty soon we’ll have to start planning where we’re going, too.


Here are some other people I’ve found on the internet that are doing something similar…

Check out Julia’s tips for solo women RVers at Live Work Dream

Here’s a blog that I just found about a couple who are working on transforming a box truck into a fully functional luxurious mobile condo. This is a must see!

And I have to mention the technomads… When I found this couple, their travels and their situation I was hooked. Check them out.

Tiny House Living in Idaho: A Great Leap in the Dark

Today I’ll introduce you to a blog on tiny house living in Idaho called A Great Leap in the Dark by Keith and April.

Kent Griswold over at the tiny house blog did an excellent write up with several pictures and information on them back in July 2009. Here’s the link to that.

  • The home is less than 220 square feet
  • Serves all basic necessities
  • Wood frame

That concludes the first post, see you tomorrow if anyone is there!

Update: Just added a photo to this post on 12/13/12.

Tiny House Living in Idaho: A Great Leap in the Dark

Photo Credit April at agreatleapinthedark.blogspot.com

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