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1996 GMC Bluebird Bus Conversion

This 1996 GMC Bluebird Bus Conversion is a guest post by Laura Sauve.

Hi again! Laura Sauve Décor Consultant here, you featured my partner I’s RV conversion into a Tiny home last November. Thank you for all of your exposure! Because of my many followers since we were featured, I’ve worked with 3 different Tiny Homes and I’d like to share with you my most unique project to date, a 1996 GMC Church bus made by Bluebird converted into a Tiny Home for my Canadian client who lives most of the year in Colima Mexico!

I received an email from Dawna asking for my assistance in creating a floor plan for her empty bus space. She wanted seating space for 10 people, a soaker tub, large kitchen with eating and dinning space as well as a large closet! She already had the bus, but needed a professional to help her see the space to it’s full potential and I’m so thankful that she hired me to help!

She ultimately wants to complete the remainder of it’s interior using reclaimed materials. So far she’s found the tongue and groove pine flooring, kitchen sink and countertop along with the bathroom door. The walls, cladding and wainscoting had to be new material due to such a limited timeframe. When she gets to Mexico she intends on finishing the couches/bed and kitchen/office space as well as have her soaker tub made by local artisans – the one you see in the picture is only a temporary and is actually a reclaimed laundry tub!

1996 GMC Bluebird Bus Conversion

Bus before Renovation

Images © Laura Sauve

DSC02374 1 AC Removed, trim installed - Copy 4 Angled wall - Copy DSC02350 DSC02365 DSC02368 DSC02372 Church Bus Conversion into Tiny Home 001 Lounge Area

Her journey is motivated by sustainable, off grid living that will focus on community environmental activism so she hired me to design a space where 10 or more people could congregate and potentially sleep. She also wanted a large closet, room for her dogs and that amazing soaker tub to rest in after a long day of harvesting her own fruits and vegetables. Pretty tall orders, considering most RV’s only have a cramped standing shower and room for like 6 people max!

Living Area

I was hired for the floor plan mainly, but also to bring the bus up to RV standards via walls and plumbing so it could cross the borders to Mexico. There are many items not yet finished, but that’s just a matter of time and her finding the ideal reclaimed materials. I should also mention that we only had 3 weeks to make this happen and as of yesterday, my client confirmed that they have arrived in Mexico after being on the road for 5 full days!

Kitchen and Living Room

She told me that the border guards ‘LOVED’ the conversion and were very curious about her lifestyle.  In my world, I call that mission accomplished 🙂  If you’d like to follow her journey, please like: https://www.facebook.com/casamion?fref=ts

Sink with Window View

I am currently working on a 1977 GMC Eleganza that is getting a facelift to look and feel like a 50’s style diner!  I encourage and welcome your followers to find me @ www.facebook.com/laurasauvedecorconsultant where they can find great ideas and watch as clients spaces become transformed and maybe even hire me to help them with their Tiny Homes!

Windows inside the Bus Composting Toilet Shower Area Stair Entrance Front Door


Dawna's 1997 GMC Bus Floorplan Layout II

Images © Laura Sauve


Our big thanks to Laura Sauve for sharing with us!

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  • Avatar Liz
    September 30, 2015, 3:39 pm

    That wood interior is so great.

  • Avatar T
    September 30, 2015, 5:19 pm

    Love the conversion. That wood interior really is awesome.

  • Avatar Buffy
    September 30, 2015, 9:33 pm

    I would love to see the completed bus when done.

  • Avatar john machovsky
    October 1, 2015, 9:44 am

    LAURA , please contac me about that GMC MOTORHOME

  • Avatar David C
    January 3, 2016, 5:27 am

    I found it strange to see the door hinge’s pins on the outside. Where is the security in this?

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