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1971 Ship-A-Shore Combo Cruiser (It’s a Boat and a Camper)

This is a 1971 Ship-A-Shore Combo Cruiser Camper (it’s a boat and a camper in one) but the cockpit on this one was removed in exchange for a larger bed, so it’s more like a permanent camper now.

According to the listing, only 150 of them were ever made. They are built of Royalex and feature an inviting design with lots of windows. This one is available for $20,000 out of Golden Valley, Arizona but it does need some work including a new trailer. Learn more below!

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Ship-A-Shore Combo Cruiser Camper for $20,000

It was designed to be used on land or water.

At the time it was advertised as a Combo Cruiser. A travel trailer/cruiser. Originally, the cockpit was located towards the front of the boat, but this one looks to have been modified as a permanent camper.

The original brochure even showed it being towed by a car. The weight for the camper was listed at 3500.

The unit has a length of 23′, and an interior length of 17’6″, according to the original brochure.

The overall width is 8′ with an interior of 7’8″. Overall height is 9’6″ (on a trailer) with an interior of 6’4″.


  • 1971 Combo Cruiser by Ship-A-Shore
  • Available for $20,000 out of Golden Valley, Arizona
  • Appears to be modded (cockpit removed in exchange for a larger bed)
  • Needs new trailer
  • Originally built using ROYALEX but has been reinforced with plywood
  • 23′ length (17’6″ interior)
  • 8′ width (7’8″ interior)
  • 9’6″ height (6’4″ interior)
  • 52-sq.-ft. deck
  • 28-sq.-ft. stern deck
  • Height clearance 9’6″ (on trailer)
  • Body material: 2-piece molded Royalex by UNIROYAL Inc.
  • Learn more below

Learn more

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  • jerry dycus
    June 7, 2022, 7:50 am

    Dam that is 1 ugly boat!! But a great idea.
    So good I’m going into limited production of a far better looking , lighter, shorter with same interior room as no rear deck, very aero version. And brand new only $10k more than this, which is way over priced. If it brings $10k they made off like bandits.
    Now had it been original in good shape inside and out, compounded and waxed, maybe $15k-$20k.
    And there are many others like the Sea Camper, waiting to be THs on land or water.
    And in bad times hard to beat living free on the water.
    I designed mine light, aero so it can be pulled by an EV without losing much range or smaller gas car.
    Here is some examples. Mine looks like the Caraboat.
    Put DIY on it and a lot of cool ones you can build easily, low cost come up.

  • Marsha Cowan
    June 7, 2022, 2:49 pm

    I absolutely love this! Period.

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