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Tiny Houses by the Martin House Company

This company is also known as Lodge on Wheels and has previously been covered on the Tiny House Blog a few years back.

I thought I’d bring it back to life today because their homes are beautiful.

Is 10′ Too Wide?

One of the first things you’ll notice is that these tiny houses are a little bit wider compared to Tumbleweed Houses.

You can tell by looking at the wheels on the trailer.

The first picture is Martin House Company and the second is Tumbleweed.


versus  tumbleweed-trailer-wheels

Does it make a huge difference–for most, probably not. But on the same token we’re talking about tiny houses where every inch counts.

Does this width take it over the edge legally?

According to Lodge-On-Wheels.com the rule is that if the house is 8 feet wide there is no need for permits, escort, or a commercial drivers license. Permit and/or escort is required otherwise.


We are looking at a 10′ wide house. Unless this is something that usually goes unnoticed in most states legally you’d have to have a permit and/or escort to move the house.

I don’t foresee the owner of one of these houses moving all the time. If it were mine I would rarely ever move it so I might consider taking it over the 8′ wide rule just to have the extra feel of the space.

An extra two feet of width does make a difference when you’re living in a tiny house. So what would you do?

Is it worth the permitting and/or escorting for two extra feet of width or would you rather go small and have the ease of portability with less hassle?

In case this is an issue for you Martin House Company also offers an 8′ wide version. Every order is custom built so that all issues, including this one, can be dealt with on an individual basis.


The price starts at $37,900 with additional upgrade options. The way it works is half of it is put down before construction is started and the other half is due upon the completed project.

Financing is available according to their website. They also suggest for you to print and take a picture of the Lodge On Wheels to the bank and ask for an RV loan.


lodge-on-wheels-3 inside-lodge-on-wheels-1

inside-lodge-on-wheels-2 inside-lodge-on-wheels-3

lodge-on-wheels-2 lodge-on-wheels-1

For more information and pictures visit Lodge On Wheels directly.

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