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Julian bought this super stealthy 1999 Ford E-150 pop top campervan to use for rock climbing trips and as a mobile home & office when he’s doing freelance photography contracts.

Image © Exploring Alternatives

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L.J. has been living in a vintage 1977 GMC Vandura camper van conversion in Vancouver, BC for 3 years while working a 9-5 job in HR.

Image © Exploring Alternatives

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Even tiny living comes in all shapes and sizes! This couple has been living the “Kombi Life” in their VW Van, driving it from Brazil to Alaska.

But if two people inside this itty bitty space seems cramped, imagine with 3, 4 or 6! The couple has been picking up people as they go, offering free accommodation, which means they’ve had as many as 6 people crammed into their little van. It’s certainly basic in terms of amenities with just a two-burner stove, gravity-fed outdoor shower and some cubbies for storage, but they are making it work!

Be sure to watch their video tour with Tiny Home Tours to learn about just how they manage.

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Kombi Life: Living in a VW Van from Brazil to Alaska

Kombi Life: Living in a VW Van from Brazil to Alaska

Screenshots via YouTube/Tiny Home Tours

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This is Hannah’s full-time van life in her converted Renault Master.

Hannah is a university student who was looking for a way to save money on rent while studying marine biology, so she didn’t have to work so many hours to afford a flat. Now she lives inexpensively and teaches yoga on the side. Her home even comes equipped with the tiniest wood stove I think I’ve ever seen, and wee garden with a cactus and couple succulents.

Hear from Hannah in her video tour with The Indie Projects below!

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Hannah’s Rent-Free Full-Time Van Life

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This is a Vintage Mercedes Van that has been converted into a motorhome.

It was shared by one of our readers, Elie. You’ll get a full tour of the bus, see some of the adventures it has been on, and you’ll even get to see some construction photos too!

Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

Vintage Mercedes Van Motorhome Conversion

Images via duedo-mobil.blogspot.de

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This is Terraform One, a 250 sq. ft. gooseneck THOW built by a man with no previous construction experience who just wanted a simpler, sustainable life.

He’s now selling the house, but not because he’s given up tiny living. On the contrary, he’s gone tinier, downsizing to 32 sq. ft. stealth van that he used to travel the country. How cool! Check out the THOW below and take the video tour on the last page!

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Terraform One Gooseneck THOW For Sale

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Native Campervans just introduced a new campervan called The Biggie! It’s a 2016 ProMaster built out camper van for two with a queen-sized bed, full kitchen, fridge and big gear storage nook.

The cost of the build was a little over $25,000 and they worked with Vanlife Customs by Dave in Action to get it done.

Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thanks!

The Biggie Dodge Ram ProMaster Van Conversion by Native Campervans

Images © Native Campervans

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