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This is what I’ve dubbed the “Welcome to the Future,” the latest tiny house from Liberation Tiny Homes in Pennsylvania.

The model is currently for sale, brimming with all kinds of modern, sleek, and even retro-feeling elements. I really love the funky exterior shape, that looks almost like something from the Jetsons!

Want to purchase it? Have questions? Get in touch with Liberation here. More details about the build and specifications on the last page.

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Welcome to the Future: New Liberation Tiny Home

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This is the Dreamwood Park Model by new builder, Humble House, in Maryland.

At 451 square feet, this model is pushing the boundaries of a “tiny” house, but in doing so, it brings in some features that I know you’ll love: Tons of storage, ample living space, and a ground-floor bedroom featuring a Murphy bed. Add in the stunning design elements and you have a house I’d love to live in!

You can learn more about Humble Houses here, and if you have additional questions about the specs and price, watch the video tour on the last page or get in touch via this link.

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The Dreamwood Humble House Park Model

Images via Humble Houses

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This is The Watermill, a renovated travel trailer created by Tiny Hamptons LLC.

I really love this conversion because it looks like the company completely transformed the camper my family used to take vacations in! This one happens to be for sale:

The Watermill is 288 sq ft. Newly renovated travel trailer down to studs. Brand new walls, ceiling, floor, crown moulding. Custom kitchen, deep cabinets, quartz countertops, slate tile backsplash, dishwasher. 36 inch vanity, glass tile in shower/tub. Custom paint on exterior and many other beautiful artistic touches as well! For sale: $34,000.

Take a look at the pictures below, and get in touch with Tiny Hamptons here with any questions or to make an offer.

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The Watermill: Renovated Travel Trailer For Sale

Images via Tiny Hamptons LLC

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This is The Doll’s House, a Cornish Seaside Tiny Home that’s for sale (as of April 12th).

Admittedly, it doesn’t come at a tiny price tag (likely due to it’s seafront locale), but I loved looking at this funky home squeezed between two much larger buildings. It’s just 339 sq. ft. and features a red, white and blue color scheme, which might be for the Union Jack, but feels pretty “Fourth of July” as well! The house is long and skinny, and looks like a lot of fun.

See the pictures and be inspired below! For more details, check out the Country Living story.

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The Doll’s House: Cornish Seaside Tiny Home

Images via Country Living

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This is the Brazos Tiny House by South Texas Tiny Homes.

South Texas Tiny Homes is proud to announce the completion of our first tiny home, The Brazos. This home is open for tours by appointment and is available for purchase at a price of $45,000. Features include a full closet underneath the stairs, custom cabinetry throughout, bamboo flooring, and an Italian farmhouse sink. Delivery options are available. For further information regarding The Brazos, or to discuss the possibility of South Texas Tiny Homes building the tiny home of your dreams, please don’t hesitate to call 361-290-6218 or email [email protected]

This is their first build, and it looks like a great start!

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Brazos Tiny House by South Texas Tiny Homes

Images via Facebook

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This is the gorgeous Kate by Tiny House Building Company that’s for sale!

The inside of this tiny house on wheels is absolutely stunning. The home features two queen-sized lofts accessible by a split staircase. There’s a spacious bathroom with closet and washer/dryer unit and a wonderful kitchen filled with a giant refrigerator for those who just don’t want to pare down their food storage. The color scheme in the house is what I really love, though: It says “relaxing cottage vacation.”

Get all the details, builder contact information, and even a “zoom through” video tour on the final page!

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The Kate by Tiny House Building Company

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This is a student-built Lee Tiny House that’s up for online auction.

The students at the Lee County Area Technology Center, located in Beattyville, KY, have built a Tiny House with the grant funding they received from KVEC’s Building It Forward project. Now completed, the Tiny House is up for online auction. The link to the online auction is here. The funds from the sale go back to the Lee County ATC for students to do another Tiny House project next year.

Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thanks!

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Student-Built Lee Tiny House: Auction

Images via The Holler

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