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This is a 128 sq. ft. Tiny Sanctuary for sale in North Florida on Tiny House Finder.

The small space has everything you need: A loft bedroom, beautiful cork flooring, storage ottomans and a storage loft, fold-down table, separate work desk, and lots of lovely windows to let in the natural light we all need. Take the video tour below to get all the details!

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128 sq. ft. Tiny Sanctuary For Sale in North Florida

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Today I want to introduce you to another great Tiny House resource: Tiny House Finder.

We post tiny homes for rent/sale here on Tiny House Talk, but Tiny House Finder has a few great features that I think those of you searching for a new home will love:

  • Its free
  • You can search by location
  • The search widget allows you to narrow your search to very specific requirements

You can also search for builders and post that you are looking for a place to park your tiny house. Look below for an example of one of the homes featured on their site right now.

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Introducing a New Resource: Tiny House Finder

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This is Stephanie’s “Hammy” Tiny House that’s for sale in Florida for just $30,000.

The home includes gorgeous built-in window boxes for a fun on-house garden, a skylight that lets you lay out on the roof and stargaze, and a spacious double loft for owner and guests — or a reading nook! Stephanie included all the details on the last page. Be sure to get in touch with her if you have any questions.

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Stephanie’s “Hammy” Tiny House: $30K in Florida

Images via Stephanie

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This is the BunKaboose by EcoCabins in Colorado.

The BunKaboose, designed by David Papen and Darin Zaruba from EcoCabins, was first envisioned as a cross between a caboose rail car and a rustic bunkhouse. A uniquely original tiny house with rugged style, classic appointments, and superior quality craftsmanship, the 20’ model with a 4’ deck is now available and the 24’ model with a 4’ deck will be released soon. This home features a quaint rustic metal deep soak bathtub, two lofts, an electric fireplace, and ‘beetle kill pine’ interior walls, trim, and floors.

Watch the video tour below!

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BunKaboose by EcoCabins in Colorado

Screenshots via Facebook

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This is a Stunning Sage Green THOW by Bear’s Tiny Homes in Georgia that’s for sale.

The 250 sq. ft. home includes a sliding deck (super cool!) and the much-desired downstairs bedroom! It also has a loft for kids or guests, a spacious and cozy living room, and a fully-stocked kitchen you’ll love.

Get all the details and the builder’s contact information on the last page.

Stunning Sage Green THOW by Bear’s Tiny Homes

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