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This is the Green Living model by Incredible Tiny Homes.

The base price for this 16 ft. home is $25,000.

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Green Living Model by Incredible Tiny Homes: $25K

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This is a solar-powered tiny house on wheels.

It’s located in Northport, Alabama and currently for sale asking $57,500.

This tiny home offers 265 sq. ft. of space. It’s 25′ long and 8’6″ wide.

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Solar Northport Tiny House

Solar Northport Tiny House 001

© Chuck Jay

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This is a 16′ curved roof tiny home on wheels by Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses.

A lovely young woman from Georgia commissioned us to design and build this unique tiny house. Having seen and admired the features found in our Boulder and Front Range models, but also being really attracted to the curved roof line of the Leaf Version III tiny house, and of course wanting to customize the house to meet her needs, she put her trust in us to deliver a fantastic product.

We start out with a custom 16′ heavy duty trailer chassis and stick frame the superstructure using advancing 2×4 framing methods. The curved top plate is easily attainable by laminating thin strips of wood together at precise geometric constraints. We applied a very similar reclaimed tin and cedar siding motif in rainscreen fashion. The radius of the curved roof was gentle enough to carefully bend standard pro panel roofing along the surface. Windows were strategically located to take advantage of our advanced framing methodology, optimize light and view, and coordinate with the floor plan.

Curved Roof Tiny Home

Curved Roof Tiny Home 001

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This is Laura’s solar-powered tiny house on wheels.

As you can see, it features solar power and a water catchment system.

When you go inside, you’ll find a cozy living space with a bathroom, living area, kitchen, and an upstairs sleeping loft.

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Laura’s Solar-Powered Tiny House on Wheels

Laura's Solar-Powered Tiny House on Wheels

Images © Laura Klement

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This off grid tiny cabins retirement story is a guest post by Michael Scheer – share your tiny house story here too!

My name is Michael and about 5 years ago I wanted an off grid place for vacation and retirement. Like many others I am tired of bills, bills, bills and knew I would never have enough money to retire on unless I became debt free and my home was paid off.

A couple years passed and as things happened I had a friend who went through a divorce (I recently moved out of my ex-girlfriends home 8 months prior) and he needed help monetarily in order to buy a home and asked me to move in. The move cut my rent in half and enabled me along with my bonus check to purchase some land I found in northern AZ at about 6500 ft elevation. Summers are mild with highs in the low 90’s high 80’s and winters are in the 40’s and 50’s with light snow. I picked up 6 acres for less than $4k.

Man Builds Two Off Grid Tiny Cabins for Retirement

Man builds two off grid tiny cabins

Images © Michael Scheer

Months later I decided to put in my first cabin, I bought a 10×18 from weatherking (apx. $4200.00), it was just a shell.

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Ingenuity is transforming the concept of mobile living as more and more people globally are looking to downsize. Whether considering downsizing for health reasons, ecological reasons, retirement reasons, or simply a lifestyle change, designers like Mehdi Hidari Badie are allowing people to achieve luxury living in the smallest of homes. Badie’s intricate modern mobile home design offers comfort, style and sustainability by using inventive small-space solutions while preserving the ease of travel.

Mehdi Hidari Badie’s creative design consists of an assortment of steel, aluminum, recycled plastics, and thermoplastic insulation reducing the economical impact of the build. The home itself is powered by a solar panel system to provide electricity to a comfortable and functional living area encompassed with your very own private deck. Its expansive concept, sleek exterior paneling and architectural style make it unrecognizable as a mobile home once it’s been unfolded.

Expanding Solar Tiny Home on Wheels


Images © Mehdi Hidari Badie

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Right now I’m sharing a rather large 915 sq. ft. small house that’s designed to be lived in by two roommates who are unrelated. This prefab house was built by students at University of Calgary and Mount Royal University.

So there are two bedrooms, two living rooms, and then a shared kitchen, dining room, and bathroom. Immediately I thought how it would probably be better for most people to share a living room instead of a bathroom, but I still thought this would be an interesting design to share with you.

It reminds me of a college dorm but bigger and more luxurious. There’s even separate outdoor space for each roommate in the floor plan. I’d definitely make some changes to this design to make it better but I still think it’s really nice. It would probably work well for young professionals right out of College. Please enjoy and if you’d like to please re-share below.

915 Sq. Ft. Small House for Roommates


Images © Jason Flakes

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