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This is the 400 sq. ft. FloLodge near Queens and NYC that’s currently for sale.

Wish you could move near New York City, but never considered it because of the price? This 2007-built cabin on water is just $59,000 and has all-day water front views. It’s insulated for year-long habitation and has a beautiful porch. Plus, it seems like you could tow it to a new location if you’d like.

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400 sq. ft. FloLodge in Queens

Images via Zillow

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This is a Tiny Artist Cabin in Florence, New York.

The 196 sq. ft. cabin with a screened-in porch on a 4 acre lot is listed for $31,900.

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196 Sq. Ft. Tiny Artist Cabin on 4 Acres in Florence, New York

Photos via Estately

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This is a 546 square foot tiny cottage in Albion, New York.

It sits on a 3.5 acre lot and is currently listed for sale.

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Tiny Cottage on 3.5 Acres in Albion NY For Sale

Photos via Estately

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This is a 500 sq. ft. tiny cabin in Sidney Center, New York.

It’s for sale (asking $39k) and located on .39 acres of land.

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$39k Tiny Cabin in NY


Photos via Zillow

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This is a 302 sq. ft. micro apartment at Carmel Place in New York City.

Carmel Place includes 55 similar apartments ranging from 260 to 360 sq. ft.

You can read an interview with the man who lives in the luxury apartment here and watch a video of the space below.

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Stunning Modern Micro Apartment in New York City

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This is Scott’s cabin shell for sale in Western New York.

It’s on 2.5 acres of land and you can buy it for $25,000.

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$25k Off-Grid Tiny Cabin Shell for Sale on 2.5 Acres in NY

Cabin for sale

Images © Scott

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These are two tiny cabins on a homestead for sale, with land, near Ithaca, New York.

The cabins and land are for sale for $65,000.

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Two Tiny Cabins with Land for Sale in Upstate NY


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