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At 39′ long, the name “Tiny Giant” is perfectly fitting for this custom THOW built for Sherry by Alpine Tiny Homes in Utah.

The gooseneck home features everything from full-sized appliances to a doggie door! It has a living room over the gooseneck and a huge loft bedroom on the other side of the home. I really love the beetle-kill pine walls on the inside. New owner Sherry posted a review on Alpine’s Facebook page, saying she loves her custom tiny home!

Get more details and contact information for Alpine Tiny Homes on the last page.

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The Tiny Giant Custom THOW by Alpine Tiny Homes

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This is The View Tiny House by Tiny House Chattanooga, brought to us by relaxshacksDOTcom.

The 20 ft. gooseneck build is called that because of a giant (and awesome) 5 ft. diameter round window on the back wall. It is actually any older Chattanooga model, custom built more recently for a client. It features beautiful floating stairs (you can always get “normal” steps in you want them), a loft bedroom and a gooseneck living/sitting room. The kitchen is a simple sink and induction-cooktop type, and I’m in love with the tile shower stall in the bathroom!

Take a peak below and then enjoy the video tour at the end! Want one? Get in touch with Tiny House Chattanooga here.

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The View Tiny House Tour: Tiny House Chattanooga

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This is the “Bird’s Nest” created by Kim Lewis Designs and Canyon Creek Builder. It was featured on Tiny House Nation and built for wildlife experts at Window to the Wild.

We shared this home a couple weeks ago, but we got in touch with the owners who have been living in the THOW for two years! Read our interview with them on the last page and learn about how they are loving the tiny life!

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The “Bird’s Nest” Gooseneck for Wildlife Experts

Images via Kim Lewis Designs and Tiny House Nation

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This is the Brighton 8′ 6″ x 24′ THOW by Molecule Tiny Homes for sale in Santa Cruz, California.

Built on a gooseneck trailer, this bright yellow beauty includes a shed-style roof, tons of windows and two loft bedrooms, including one you can stand in. There’s also a living room, bathroom with flush toilet, and well-stocked kitchen.

Builder contact details below!

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Brighton 8′ 6″ x 24′ THOW by Molecule Tiny Homes

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This is one amazingly HUGE tiny house on wheels: The Purple Monster by Tiny Diamond Homes.

The home was built for a military family so they could take their house with them as they move. Even if purple isn’t your go-to color, you have to appreciate the lovely 10 x 10 master bedroom with large closets and a substantial desk. Other rooms include a spacious living area, kitchen with large appliances, and a loft bedroom (with a code-complaint railing).

Watch the video tour below!

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The Purple Monster THOW by Tiny Diamond Homes

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This is a new and improved Lookout Model by Tiny House Chattanooga.

It was recently built to a new client’s custom specifications and includes one of the most luxurious closets I’ve seen in a tiny home! Plus you can stand up in the loft bedroom (and there’s no ladder!).

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Updated Lookout Model by Tiny House Chattanooga

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This is the Rusted Mountain Roost Gooseneck Trailer Tiny House.

It was custom-built by Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses for $84,000.

Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below!

Rusted Mountain Roost Gooseneck Trailer Tiny House

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