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This is a Rolling Cabin Vacation Rental at Hide Away Pines.

The Tiny House on Wheels was built by Rolling Cabins and is available to rent for a Wisconsin vacation. See the builder’s handiwork up close and get a taste for tiny living.

See how it is to stay in a tiny house. It is secluded on 20 plus acres. Full electric installed. Contact us for details and availability….Located near the Wisconsin Dells just 15 minutes off the Interstate. It is $110/night with a 2 night minimum. Showers and flush toilet during the warm season… Winter rate just $85/night. NO Water or showers in the Winter. You have to bring your own water for cleaning and drinking.

Book your stay on VRBO!

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Rolling Cabin Vacation Rental at Hide Away Pines

Images via VRBO

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This is an Airstream hotel located in the Bay Area called AutoCamp.

The community was started with the help of a Kickstarter campaign which raised $121,831.

Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

AutoCamp Airstream Hotel

Photos via DesignBoom

Photos via DesignBoom

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This is a 12′ vintage 1966 Scotsman travel trailer renovated by Sharin Louis of Shabby Rose Decor.

Inside she has decorated everything with custom vintage decor. There is a cozy couch, kitchen with stove top and sink, and a dining area.

Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

12′ Vintage 1966 Scotsman Travel Trailer

12' Vintage 1966 Scotsman Travel Trailer

Images © Romantic Homes

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This is a yurt glamping (glamour camping) set up at the Green Acres family homestead near Austin, Texas in the countryside town of Elgin, Texas.

On the property you’ll also find a Vintage Spartan and an Airstream which is also available as a vacation rental experience. If you want to try out living tiny in an alternative shelter, this is one way to do it!

The yurt sleeps two adults and two kids using a queen mattress and a blow up mattress for the kids. Nearby is a modern bathhouse and barn with a modern kitchen. Please enjoy and re-share below. Thank you!

Yurt Glamping at Green Acres near Austin, TX

Yurt Glamping at Green Acres near Austin, TX 001

Images © Airbnb

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With a full bathroom and kitchen this tiny vintage camper is perfect for a tiny house vacation in Oakland, CA. The caravan is a 1964 Kenskill camper that was originally used as a food truck to deliver cupcakes and other treats in Arizona.

The owners have rearranged the interior and completely renovated it. Now it’s a great spot to vacation especially if you have ever been curious about living tiny. This would be a great way to try it out.

Inside the camper caravan as you go in the front door to your right is the bed/couch, the kitchen is directly in front of you and to the left is a small dining area with the bathroom at the very end of the unit.

All the details in this camper are awesome. I love the cupcake curtains. If you are interested in vacationing in this vinatge caravan check it out on Airbnb.

1964 Kenskill Vintage Camper

1964 Kenskill Vintage Camper

Images © Airbnb

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I’m excited to introduce you to the Pixie Palace Hut Company that’s based in Northern Michigan. It’s a family owned business specializing in building English style Shepherd’s Hut Tiny Houses.

These Shepherd’s Hut tiny homes are unique because they’re designed and built on trailers with cast iron wheels. Originally beginning in the 1600s these structures were used as shelter for Shepherds while they tended their flocks during lambing season and they would tow them with by horse.

Inside you would find a tiny living space with a cooking area, sleeping quarters, sitting/living area, heat, and storage for all of your supplies. Today structures like these are being used as backyard accessory structures, tiny guest homes, bed and breakfasts, offices, writing cabins, and more.

English Shepherd’s Hut Tiny Houses: Pixie Palace Hut Company


Images © Pixie Palace Hut Co.

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I’m excited to share these hanging tents with you because if you like tree houses and camping you’ll probably love this.

Yes, camping in the trees would be awesome, but how?

Check this out… it’s a tree tent called the RooMoon made by the Hanging Tent Company.

It takes tent camping to the next level (literally). Handcrafted and designed by graduate student, Rufus Martin in Dorset, England.

Since he presented this at Byrson School as a final project it has been his full-time business since. So how is this contraption made?

The outside material is a durable canvas that can stand any weather. Flooring is made of a lightweight pine and very portable just like the entire tent itself. Each board attaches together making it easy to roll-up and is used as a carrying case for the frame and accessories.

The frame is made of steel rods that are strong and weather proof. Collapses down into a car-sized package making transporting very easy for camping and festivals.

The designer says, “the tent is capable of lifting over 1 ton with ease. The user need only to run the lightweight pulley chain through their hands to be lifted into the canopies.”

Spherical Tent for Glamping in the Tree Tops


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