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This is the Dreamwood Park Model by new builder, Humble House, in Maryland.

At 451 square feet, this model is pushing the boundaries of a “tiny” house, but in doing so, it brings in some features that I know you’ll love: Tons of storage, ample living space, and a ground-floor bedroom featuring a Murphy bed. Add in the stunning design elements and you have a house I’d love to live in!

You can learn more about Humble Houses here, and if you have additional questions about the specs and price, watch the video tour on the last page or get in touch via this link.

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The Dreamwood Humble House Park Model

Images via Humble Houses

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Looking for a great book about tiny homes? Consider pre-ordering Tiny House Basics: Living The Good Life in Small Spaces!

We got a sneak peak of the book a few months ago, and we think you will love it. This book is an honest, insightful and conversational look at the ins and outs of tiny-house-living, from the “why” to the “how.” It forces you to take a careful look at what going tiny means in terms of time, money and lifestyle, and if you’re thinking about taking the plunge, we say don’t do so without reading this book!

It’ll be released on May 16th in bookstores and online, but you can pre-order your copy today on Amazon! Click here to order. Read more from the authors below the picture!

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Preorder Tiny House Basics: Living The Good Life in Small Spaces Today!

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This is The Doll’s House, a Cornish Seaside Tiny Home that’s for sale (as of April 12th).

Admittedly, it doesn’t come at a tiny price tag (likely due to it’s seafront locale), but I loved looking at this funky home squeezed between two much larger buildings. It’s just 339 sq. ft. and features a red, white and blue color scheme, which might be for the Union Jack, but feels pretty “Fourth of July” as well! The house is long and skinny, and looks like a lot of fun.

See the pictures and be inspired below! For more details, check out the Country Living story.

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The Doll’s House: Cornish Seaside Tiny Home

Images via Country Living

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These are two Kenai Peninsula Alaska Tiny Cabins for sale with water-front views and 3.36 acres of land.

One of the cabins is furnished with a table, couch and sleeping loft, while the other still needs to be finished on the inside. Neither has a bathroom, but if you’re creative with off-grid options this could be an awesome spot to make a homestead. Together the cabins boast 450 sq. ft. of floorspace.

I’m in love with the huge windows in the “house” cabin that give you amazing views of volcanoes! Check out all the details and price on Zillow.

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Kenai Peninsula Alaska Tiny Cabins For Sale

Images via Zillow

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This is Cedar Country Charm Tiny House on Wheels that’s for sale on Tiny House Finder in Pennsylvania.

The 24′ long house features a gorgeous wooden interior, but I love the faux stone backsplash in the kitchen. I think I could put those fake stones everywhere! It has two lofts, one accessible by a great storage staircase, and the bathroom has a stunning corrugated metal shower stall and a Nature’s Head composting toilet.

For all the details and to contact the owner, check out the listing on Tiny House Finder.

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Cedar Country Charm Tiny House on Wheels, PA

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This is a quaint Florida 20′ THOW that’s for sale from James of Barrier Free Plus, Inc.

The little home includes a small entry porch, sofa bed, kitchen, bathroom and loft bedroom. It even has some sweet exterior window boxes for those spring flowers! I’m a huge fan of the subway tiles in the kitchen — I’ve seen them a few places and they are a nice touch.

Get all the details about the house and contact information on the last page!

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Florida 20′ THOW For Sale

Images via James

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This is Terraform One, a 250 sq. ft. gooseneck THOW built by a man with no previous construction experience who just wanted a simpler, sustainable life.

He’s now selling the house, but not because he’s given up tiny living. On the contrary, he’s gone tinier, downsizing to 32 sq. ft. stealth van that he used to travel the country. How cool! Check out the THOW below and take the video tour on the last page!

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Terraform One Gooseneck THOW For Sale

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