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This is one couple’s tiny home, their Little Living Tiny House.

They shared pictures of their journey on Tumblr, and have been living tiny on a farm in California for three years now. According to their story, they downsized from a 3,200 square foot home in East Bay. Wow!

They worked with Tumbleweed to design the home of their dreams, rented land on a 5 acre ranch in Northern, CA, and moved into their 275 sq. ft. abode in Dec. 2014. Since then they’ve built benches, shelving, cabinets, storage and a lovely deck and outdoor tables to make their tiny house a tiny home.

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Little Living Tiny House on a 5 Acre Ranch in CA

Images via Tumblr

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This is the story of Cody and Randi Hennigan and their DIY tiny house in Texas!

Cody, Randi and their dog, Baxter, are now adventuring across the country with their tiny home for next six months. Learn more: TheBestLittleHouseInTexas.com1

Lovely Couple’s DIY Tiny Home on Wheels!

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Megan and Rob are a pair of adventure seekers who are working hard to create the life of their dreams. The couple bought a 1979 Cal 31 sailboat in April 2015 up in Juneau, Alaska and they’ve been living on it ever since.

They’ve added a wood burning stove in the living room and extra insulation in the v-berth to stay warm in the winters, and they’ve also installed flexible solar panels and a small wind turbine to produce their own electricity.

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Adventurous Couple Living on a Sailboat Year-Round in Alaska


Images © Venture Lives

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This is Nick and Nora’s Amazing DIY Tiny House Journey.

These two are just 21 and 23 years old and spent the last two years building this incredible house themselves. Scroll to the bottom for an interview with the couple.

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Nick and Nora’s Amazing DIY Tiny House Journey

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This is Samantha and Robert’s SHEDsistence tiny house on wheels.

It’s a DIY house that they designed and built themselves over the course of 14 months.

They both have full-time careers so they worked hard and got it done on weekends.

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Couple’s (Finished) DIY Shedsistence Tiny House

Couples Finished SHEDsistence Tiny Home 001

© shedsistence.com

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