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This is the story behind the now famous and magical Fortune Cookie Tiny House on Wheels built by Abel Zyl for one of his very first tiny house clients.

It all started at a coffee shop with a sketch of the design to which Abel’s client immediately accepted. Towards the end of the video tour, Abel even shows you how he designed and built this tiny house too! It’s a really great video and I think you’ll enjoy it a lot.

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This is the 330 sq. ft. Henderson Tiny House on Wheels by Movable Roots in Melbourne, Florida.

© Movable Roots

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This is an amazing treehouse built by Realwood Tiny Homes in Washington nicknamed ‘The Nut House’.

Anytime I think of treehouse, I think of how cool and useful this custom bicycle-powered ‘elevator’ lift is!

Would you seriously consider living in a little cabin up in the trees like this one?

Realwood Tiny Homes Builds an Amazing Treehouse!

© Realwood Tiny Homes

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This is Realwood Tiny Homes in Chehalis, WA.

REALWOOD TINY HOMES is a division of Sustainable Engineered Buildings Inc., a compact building and tiny home company providing a comprehensive suite of environmentally friendly products and services.1

Realwood Tiny Homes

© Realwood Tiny Homes

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This is a prefab shipping container tiny home that’s available for sale on Amazon through MODS International.

It’s a pre-fabricated tiny home based on a new shipping container with a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and living area.

Pricing starts at $36,000. What do you think? Would you ever consider ordering one of these to put on your own land?

Shipping Container Tiny Home Now Available on Amazon!

Prefab Shipping Container Tiny Home on Amazon!

© MODS International

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This is a 35′ tiny house toy hauler RV by Tiny Idahomes that’s for sale.

It’s off-grid ready and built on a gooseneck trailer. Update: Price reduction!

Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thanks!

Tiny House Toy Hauler RV by Tiny Idahomes (For Sale!)

Photos via TinyIdahomes.com

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This is a 20′ tiny house on wheels from Tiny Idahomes.

It’s currently for sale with an asking price of $37,500.

Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thanks!

20ft Pioneer THOW by Tiny Idahomes (For Sale!)

20' Tiny House For Sale from Tiny Idahomes ($37,500)

© Tiny Idahomes

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