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This is the Sturgis tiny house on wheels by Cubist Engineering. It’s a modern 21ft tiny house with “a queen-size bed that appears magically from the ceiling,” according to the builder. Watch how it works in the video below!

It also features a unique trailer with removable axles and trailer hitch. Very interesting! Did I mention the remote control gull-wing door? Take the tour below and let us know what you think in the comments!

The Sturgis Tiny House by Cubist Engineering

© Cubist Engineering

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This is the 28ft Pacific Getaway Tiny House on Wheels by Handcrafted Movement in Battle Ground, Washington.

When you step inside, the area to your left transforms between a bedroom and dining room but it can also be used as a hobby room (like for yoga or for kids to play) since both the bed and the dining table can be stored up into the walls. Pretty cool feature, right? Please enjoy and learn more below!

© Handcrafted Movement

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This is the Ventana Tiny Home on Wheels by Alpine Tiny Homes.

It’s a 32ft THOW with oversized windows headed to Santa Cruz, California to a family of five!

Step inside to take the grand tour and then let me know what you think about it in the comments below. Thanks!

© Alpine Tiny Homes

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This is the Elsa Tiny Home on Wheels by Olive Nest Tiny Homes in Taylors, SC.

It’s a 323 sq. ft. tiny house with an adjoining patio extension with a greenhouse! Pretty awesome, isn’t it?

Take a look below and let me know what you think in the comments! And yes, as I write this, it’s available for sale! More info below..!

Images via Zillow

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This is April and Curtis’ beautiful 24ft tiny home on wheels built by Mitchcraft Tiny Homes. What do you think?

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This is the NEW Premiere Tiny House by ESCAPE Traveler. It’s a Park Model home with up to two bedrooms, a full kitchen, living area, porch, and more! What do you think? Would you ever consider a park model like this for a home?


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This is a custom staircase that leads you to the rooftop of this shipping container tiny house by Custom Container Living LLC out of Archie, Missouri. Pretty cool, right?

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