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This is the Graduate Series 6000 Tiny House on Wheels.

It’s built by Designer Eco Tiny Homes in Australia.

This tiny home offers queen sized bed loft with wardrobe, storage stairs, ensuite bathroom, kitchen, lounge, dining, office/study desk, and ample storage. Highlight windows enable natural lighting to flood the open plan lounge/dining area giving a very spacious feel to the home.

Graduate Series 6000 Tiny House on Wheels in Australia

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This is The Portal by The Tiny House Company in Australia.

The modular-style home is brimming with green — potted plants everywhere bringing the outdoors in! This house was nominated for the 2016 Tiny House of the Year and I’m not surprised. My favorite feature is the drop-down bed that hides near the ceiling during the day and comes down for bed time — genius!

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The Portal by The Tiny House Company in Australia

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This is Nadia’s Zen Tiny House in Byron Bay, Australia.

It was designed by the owners (and Nadia said they collected lots of ideas from Tiny House Talk over the years) and built by their friend and local tiny house builder, Sam Commerford.

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Nadia’s Zen Tiny House in Byron Bay, Australia


Images via Nadia

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This is Angela’s whimsical and unique tram-caravan-shack-tiki-bar Airbnb spot in Australia featured on Apartment Therapy.

The hotel consists of four different tiny structures. You guessed it: A tram, a caravan, a shack and a tiki bar.

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Tram-Caravan-Shack-Tiki-Bar Tiny Vacation Spot in AU


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This modern small house for sale is in Victoria, Australia.

The first thing you’ll probably notice is the sleek and modern slanted roof, right?

Once you step inside you’ll find a very open space with plenty of natural light because of the large windows throughout the main living area.

This modern small home boasts two bedrooms, one bathroom, an amazing kitchen, a large open living space, and a cozy covered outdoor space. It also features a separate garage/storage. This isn’t a tiny house, but it’s a pretty cool small home, isn’t it? And it’s definitely no McMansion so I thought you might be able to get some inspiration from it. Please enjoy and if you like it re-share below with your friends. Thanks.

Modern Small House For Sale in Australia


Images © Hodges.com.au

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This is the Rennes modern tiny home design by Novadeko Modular Homes in Australia.

It’s approximately 20′ x 11′ and has about 218 sq. ft. of interior space.

When you walk inside you’ll be in the living room and dining area.

Straight ahead is the kitchen. And to your right is the bedroom and bathroom.

218 Sq. Ft. Modern Tiny Home


Images © Novadeko Modular

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I just ran into these tiny house folks in Sydney, Australia I thought you might want to know about.

They started planning their project in January of 2013 and began building in June 2013 (almost a year ago as I write this).

And their tiny house is only costing them about $15,000 which they can own out right and take wherever they’d like.

Beck & Reece’s DIY Tiny House in Australia

And wait a second… Isn’t that a CAR towing a tiny house? Never seen that before.

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