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QUIDNON: A Tiny House That Floats — And Sails!

This is QUIDNON: A tiny house that floats — and sails!

This is a design and prototype of Dmitry Orlov’s solution to finding a place to park your tiny house. Scroll to read his story and get all the details here on his website.

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QUIDNON: A Tiny House That Floats — And Sails!

Images via QUIDNON

Images via QUIDNON

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From the Designer: 

Tiny houses are great, but there are a few problems. One is zoning: it’s hard to find places where you are allowed to put one, especially if it’s anywhere near the bigger cities where the good jobs are. Another is flooding: more and more places are subject to flooding everywhere. Yet another is various local regulations that restrict what and how you can build.

For two years now I have been working on a unique tiny house project—a houseboat, a sailboat, a beach house—that can be built out of a kit as a DIY project for not very much money. It is a tiny house that floats. And it also sails!

I am not a dreamer or an amateur: I am an engineer, and I have been living aboard a boat, with my family, for over 10 years now. Two other engineers have also been working on it for the past year, and it’s poised to really take off now.

You can keep this floating tiny house at a marina, at an anchorage, on an empty stretch of beach, or anywhere where you are allowed to store a boat next to a house (and that includes most suburbs). It is designed to spend 30 years in the water without any major maintenance.

The entire design process is described on this blog: quidnon.blogspot.com. We plan to build our first QUIDNON later next year. I hope that your readers join us on this adventure, and that some of them see the advantages of a tiny house that floats and join us.


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