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Prefab: DIY Yard Pod

These yard pods are great for a home office, art studio, meditation room, workout room, music studio, pool cabana, media room or even a photo studio.

“YardPods are pre-fabricated, steel frame backyard rooms individually configured using a large catalog of modular, eco-friendly parts and materials. Pre-assembled in precision engineered panels at our factory and fully assembled on your site –permit free in most areas.

For play, for work, for escape –your personal space can be only days away!”
~YardPods Website


Floor Plan Sizes


Roof Styles/Options

More Options and Information

There are options for everything on these DIY Prefab Kits.

Here are some more of the options that you can explore yourself on their website:

  • 5 door designs
  • 4 window designs
  • 3 interior wall and ceiling finishes
  • 4 options for exterior siding
  • 4 unique flooring options

Overall they offer a wide selection of choices. You can even begin to configure your own on the website.

“YardPods are built with cold-formed galvanized light gauge steel framing (not wood), which has a high recycled content (25%+) and is 100% recyclable, Steel is stronger and lighter than wood, will not rot, will not shrink, will not warp, will not support mold or infestation, is fire-resistant and has a life in the hundreds of years.”
~ YardPod Factory

“Our manufacturing facility is powered 100% by solar and we utilize a state-of-the-art computer-driven manufacturing process for making our steel frames which virtually eliminates waste. Every piece of steel is cut accurately to length by the automated roll-forming machines, and is assembled on compression tables where everything is screwed together. Whenever practical, we assemble complete panels in the factory, containing external sheathing, insulation and finishes, this minimizes waste, ensures accuracy and virtually eliminates re-work and waste on the job site.

Our manufacturing facility is located at Sonoma Mountain Village, one of the most sustainable developments in the world.”
~ YardPods Green

Delivery & Assembly Options

Option 1–You (customer) picks it up

Option 2–They deliver to your site in Northern California for you to assemble yourself

Option 3–They’ll deliver and assemble on your site (on your foundation)

Pricing & Contact Information

You can request a free quote for one of these right from their website (direct link to quote request–opens in new window).

If you want to call them directly their phone number is 415-322-9763.

Prices start at just $1,470 for the 8′ x 8′ as a DIY project. A completed 8′ x 8′ is estimated at $8,649. See their FAQs for more info.

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