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This is a tiny house vacation in La Junta, Colorado.

You can experience the tiny house lifestyle in a tiny house on wheels built by Sprout Tiny Homes.

Experience big living in a tiny home featuring chemical-free interior, kitchenette, 3-piece bath, one queen-size green choice mattress, and a comfy full-size futon. Visit Dinosaur Tracks, Bent’s Old Fort. Enjoy our pool & mini-golf or golf at the La Junta or Rocky Ford public courses and visit the NEW Dean Micro-Brewery. If you are a fan of Mexican food, it’s here! Farmer’s Markets abound with local produce in the summer months. Ride in on Amtrak – car rentals available here!1

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Tiny House Vacation in La Junta, Colorado!

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This is the Ol’ Berthoud Blue Tiny House on Wheels!

It’s built by Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses in beautiful Durango, Colorado. Enjoy!

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Ol’ Berthoud Blue Tiny House on Wheels

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This is the Carolina Tiny House on Wheels!

It’s built by Aneides Tiny Homes in Asheville, North Carolina. Enjoy!

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Carolina Tiny House on Wheels

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These Alaskan-style yurts by Nomad Shelters vary in size. Have you ever considered a yurt?

They range in sizes from 12 ft. diameter to 50 ft., so you have options. You can even go visit a few at Nomad Shelter, Inc. in Homer, Alaska.

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Alaskan Nomad Shelter Yurts from 12 ft. to 50 ft.!

Images via Nomad Shelters

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This is Tiny House Magazine Issue #49 by Kent Griswold and his team!

Inside this issue, you’ll find the following stories:

  • I Quit
  • Shepherd Life of the Basques
  • Builder Of the Month
  • 5 Minutes With Angela
  • Being Part of the Whole
  • Not Business As Usual

Tiny House Magazine Issue #43

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This is the Wheel Pad — it’s a beautiful tiny home on wheels that’s wheelchair-friendly!

Hey Alex! This is Joshua & Natsuko from Chibi Moku! We have a very very special tiny house video/photo project that we are releasing today. This is a tiny house designed specifically for wheel chair users and people with disabilities. It is a very powerful video and shows how tiny homes can change the way people with disabilities live immediately after having an accident.

Enjoy the full tour below, watch the full video tour, read the backstory, and remember to let me know what you think in the comments. Thanks!

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A Wheelchair-Friendly Tiny Home on Wheels!

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This is land to rent in Abiquiu, New Mexico that’s welcoming tiny houses.

The property is off-grid, so you’d need to supply your own power and water. Aaron Dennis, who lives on the 2 acres in his tiny house (pictured below), uses 500 watts of solar and a 500 gallon water tank. Rent is $300/month, and those interested can send applications to Aarondennis@sbcglobal.net or call 760.484.1700.

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Off-Grid Land to Rent in Abiquiu, New Mexico

Images via Aaron Dennis

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This is Peter Stiehler, head of Catholic Worker Hospitality House, who, along with his wife, is working on finishing a tiny house for the homeless and fighting for their legality in his city.

He currently runs a homeless shelter and a kitchen that serves breakfast “to about 70 people a day.” This month he has a meeting with the San Bruno community development officials in order to make a push for the city to allow more of these tiny homes in San Bruno, California. Read the full story at Mercury News.

Good luck to Peter — and great work!

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Head of Hospitality House Pushes for Tiny Homes in San Bruno

Image via Karl Mondon/Bay Area News Group

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This is the 400 sq. ft. FloLodge near Queens and NYC that’s currently for sale.

Wish you could move near New York City, but never considered it because of the price? This 2007-built cabin on water is just $59,000 and has all-day water front views. It’s insulated for year-long habitation and has a beautiful porch. Plus, it seems like you could tow it to a new location if you’d like.

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400 sq. ft. FloLodge in Queens

Images via Zillow

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