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Hands On Tiny House Workshop in Georgia

If you’re looking for a hands on tiny house workshop there’s a chance to join Dan Louche of Tiny Home Builders for a 2-day tiny house design and build workshop this April 11-12, 2015 in Cumming, Georgia, which is north of Atlanta.

If you’ve been wanting to tour a tiny house on wheels in person, this is also a great opportunity to get to do that because Dan will have one of his tiny homes on wheels on site for you to tour.

If you’re a complete beginner when it comes to carpentry, that’s totally okay. You’ll get opportunities to learn about and use power tools along with framing, plumbing, and even electrical wiring. I encourage you to learn more and seriously consider attending if you feel inclined to. Learn more and re-share below. Thank you!

Hands On Tiny House Workshop in Georgia


Image © Dan Louche

=> Get your hands on tiny house workshop tickets here.



What You’ll Learn By Attending:

  • Tiny house design strategies
  • Tips on building codes and zoning
  • Power tools and how to use them
  • How to get best deals on your materials
  • Where to get your trailer
  • How to frame and sheath a tiny house
  • How to install siding and roofing

Plus You Get To:

  • Be around other tiny house people
  • Make friends with like minded people
  • Tour a tiny house on wheels in person

And much more. If that sounds like fun to you learn about getting your tickets below and re-share this page with any of your friends who might also be interested! Thank you!

=> Get your hands on tiny house workshop tickets here.

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