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Tiny House Communities

This is a constantly evolving page on Tiny House Communities that I always continue to update.

So you might want to bookmark it or save it in anyway you want so you can come back to it later.

If you’re looking for tiny house communities or even just a lot for your own micro homestead…

Then you’re at the right place because this is where I list opportunities for just that.

My mission is helping you bridge the gap between to more freedom, simplicity and less or preferably no debt with a tiny or small home.

Current Tiny House Communities & Lots

Below you’ll find an always updated list of tiny housing communities all over the world where you might be able to live tiny in (enjoy and please share with your friends):

Tiny House Communities, Eco-Villages, RV Parks, and More

Enjoy the list of current known tiny housing communities below categorized by state/country. If you have any to add just let me know.


North Carolina

South Carolina

DC, Washington












New York


If you believe that a community should be listed here shoot me a note at alex at tinyhousetalk dot com with a subject line  that says, “Tiny house community I’d like to list on your communities page at THT” and I’ll get right to it, k? Thanks!

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