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480 Sq. Ft. Modern Cabin on Lake Austin in Texas (Beautiful!)

This is a 480 sq. ft. modern cabin on Lake Austin in Texas named Cousin Cabana.

When you step inside, you’ll discover an open layout with a kitchen, living area, and dining room. You’ll also find a full bathroom, enough storage, and of course, the beautiful deck so you can enjoy the outdoors.

This cabin, named ‘Cousin Cabana’, was designed by Jared Haas of Un.Box Studio, landscaping was done by Herb Schoening of Tait Moring, and it was built by True Building. What do you think?

Images © Un.box Studio

Images © Un.box Studio


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  1. Un.box Studio (architect/design)
  2. Tait Moring (landscape design)
  3. True Building (contractor/builder)
  4. Tiny House Town (via)

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