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Modern Tiny House on Wheels by Tiny Heirloom 001

Do you love tiny homes but want one with modern style and high-end finishes? Then I think love this modern tiny house with a rooftop balcony by Tiny Heirloom.

Outside, you’ll notice a clean geometric shape with knotty pine and sleek brown textures. The house’s asymmetrical style makes it look New York chic while sitting among the trees of Oregon.

When you go inside, you’ll find grey floors, cream ceilings and light green walls all composed of wooden panels. One loft includes plenty of room for storage, and the other houses a twin-sized bed. The bathroom has a beautiful tile shower over a wooden-slat floor that looks spa-worthy. Take a step into the kitchen and you’ll find a lovely tile backsplash and butcher’s block counter.

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Modern Tiny House on Wheels by Tiny Heirloom

Modern Tiny House on Wheels by Tiny Heirloom 001

Images © Tiny Heirloom

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This is Anita’s double-loft tiny house on wheels.

Outside, you’ll notice a shingled house with a unique half-arch roofline. Four large solar panels lie on one side of the structure to allow for off-grid power, but the house can also function fully on the grid.

When you go inside, you’ll find a beautiful Eastern-inspired space complete with a Moroccan floor couch and genuine Indian sari curtains. The kitchen includes a wall-mounted wood-stove and a copper sink, and the bathroom has a complimentary copper basin sink which Anita said was the first thing she ever bought for the house. This home has two lofts – one for sleeping and one for a living space, as well as a home office where Anita works from.

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Anita’s Stylish Double-Loft Tiny Home on Wheels


Images © Tiny House Giant Journey via YouTube

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This is a tiny cabin a man built with just 1,000 euros using free open source plans he found online.

Outside, you’ll notice the house is shaped like the hull of a boat. The roof/walls of the home are wood-paneled on the inside, with a layer of sheep’s wool for insulation and then a layer of canvas tacked overtop.

When you go inside, you’ll find a very minimalist interior that includes some low-lying storage, a woodburning stove for heat, and a bed. The sink on one wall has no running water but drains out the bottom when you use it to wash your face or the dishes. A window on one end of the house creates a wonderful cross breeze with the open front door. The electricity comes from one solar panel. How does he cook? A nearby caravan includes a kitchenette with a propane oven and a dinette.

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Man Builds a $1k Tiny Cabin using Free Plans


Images © Faircompanies via YouTube

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Purple Tiny Cottage in Portland 0015

This is a tiny cottage in Portland, Oregon with a fun, contemporary shape and feel.

You can’t help but notice the bright purple clapboards that encapsulate the house. A slanted, shed-style roof gives the home a unique roof line, and the large front windows provide plenty of natural light. The beautiful wooden deck gives you extra living space outdoors.

When you go inside, you’ll find knotty pine floors and ceilings with a large paneled accent wall in the living space. A bright blue sectional couch sits in the living room and the L-shaped kitchen lies in the opposite corner. It has open shelving for plates, dishes, and food as well as an oven, dishwasher, full fridge and freezer, and microwave. On the other side of the house is the bedroom with a queen bed and more sitting chairs. The bathroom even has a cool claw-foot tub where you can soak after a long day of travel and/or exploration!

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Tiny Purple Cottage in Portland

Purple Tiny Cottage in Portland 001

Images © Amanda via Airbnb

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Artist Studio Apartment in Asheville 002

This is an artist studio apartment in Asheville.

From the outside, you’ll see two french doors with light blue clapboards all around. There’s a covered porch area with a dinette for sitting and relaxing.

When you go inside, you’ll find a sunny and bright studio filled with natural sunlight. The queen-sized bed lies against a wall that’s decorated with a wallpaper mural. The living room area is dotted with art and contains a couple of comfortable chairs. A television with a table and chairs sits not too far away for eating meals. The corner kitchen features bright blue accent walls and all amenities. The simple bathroom includes a toilet, sink, and shower. Step outside and enjoy the wooden deck space between buildings.

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Artist Studio Apartment in Asheville

Artist Studio Apartment in Asheville 0016

Images © Monroe via Airbnb

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Week-long Hands-On Tiny House Workshop in Tucson 01

This is an announcement for a week-long hands-on tiny house workshop in Tucson, AZ led by Lina Menard.

It’s a six-day event running from 9 AM to 5 PM daily (Sunday, March 6 through Friday, March 11).

If you decide to attend and participate, you’ll leave the event with:

  • Hands-on experience building a tiny house shell on wheels using SIPs
  • How to use basic hand and power tools
  • Your own tool belt with basic tools to take home with you
  • You’ll have helped a couple start to build their tiny home on wheels
  • You’ll have met some new tiny house friends

And who knows what else! If you’re interested, please learn more below. Thanks.

Week-long Hands-On Tiny House Workshop in Tucson

Week-long Hands-On Tiny House Workshop in Tucson 01

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8×22 Tiny Cabin on Wheels 0023

This is an 8′ x 22′ tiny cabin on wheels by North Park Homes and Cabins.

Outside, you’ll notice stained pine wood encapsulating the tiny frame. The metal roof and front door are painted a beautiful cranberry red. To allow for extra outdoor living space, a covered porch extends off the front of the house.

When you go inside, you’ll find knotted pine covering every surface. The first floor has 144 square feet and the loft gives you an additional 60. The bathroom includes a stand-in shower and composting toilet. In the kitchen, you’ll find custom kitchen cabinets and a custom butcher block countertop, as well as a mini refrigerator. A tiny woodstove sits between the kitchen and living space where you’ll find a bench nook with storage underneath. A solar panel and batteries fuel the house and you can store your clothing in cedar lined closets which are sure to smell amazing. The ladder to the loft can be tucked away against the built-in storage shelves to allow more floor space.

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144 Sq. Ft. Tiny Cabin on Wheels

8x22 Tiny Cabin on Wheels 001

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