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This is a 270 sq. ft. tiny house on wheels for sale in La Mirada, California.

It’s built right onto a utility trailer with a 9,998 pound gross vehicle weight rating.

Total dimensions for the house are 24 ft. length, 8.5 ft. width and 13.4 ft. height.

Inside you’ll find a cozy living area that easily converts into a second bedroom. Plus there’s an upstairs sleeping loft that’s accessible by ladder. There’s also a full kitchen and bathroom.

This tiny home was built with a slanted shed style roof so it has more headspace in the loft. Asking price is $65,000 which includes furniture and all. Please enjoy the complete tour and re-share it below if you want to. Thank you!

La Mirada Tiny House on Wheels For Sale

La Mirada Tiny House On Wheels 001

Images © Lisa Gillis

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This is a 160 sq. ft. tiny house on wheels for sale in Asheville, North Carolina.

It’s built right onto an 8′ x 20′ utility trailer with a 14,000 pound gross vehicle weight rating.

Inside the tiny house you’ll find an 8′ x 10′ sleeping loft upstairs with a nice skylight and two little closets. There’s already a queen sized mattress in place up here too.

This tiny home was built using SIP (Structurally Insulated Panels) and it has plenty of windows throughout to let in natural light during the day. Asking price is $35,000. Please enjoy the full tour and re-share it below if you want to. Thank you!

Tiny House on Wheels For Sale in Asheville, NC

Larry Vickers SIP Tiny House For Sale in Asheville NC 001

Images © Larry Vickers

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This tiny home on wheels was built by high school students in Berkeley, California during a design and construction youth program called Studio H.

Studio H is an academic class at REALM Charter High School led by a team of expert architects and builders, in which students explore a social issue through the design and construction of a full-scale project each year. This year, our students investigated public housing as an economic, social, aesthetic, and architectural challenge and built two tiny homes on 7’x16′ trailers. These micro homes required research, prototyping, modeling, material and budget constraints, and precise project management to complete within the academic year with 75+ high school students in 4 class periods each day. The proceeds from the sale of this home will go directly to the Studio H program to fund next year’s build project.1

High School Students Build Tiny Houses on Wheels

High School Student Built 100 Square Foot Tiny Home 001

Images © Projecthdesign.org

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This $695,000 tiny A-frame cabin is modern and luxurious. The home and property offers amazing views with a wonderful outdoor spa.

Located on Waiheke Island, in New Zealand, it’s definitely a one-of-a-kind property. From here you can take a three minute drive to the beach, a nearby shopping village, or the grocery store.

The pricing definitely doesn’t fall in line with the word affordable, but the inspiration it offers costs us nothing, right? So I’m still excited to bring it to your attention. And if you are financially wealthy and want to downsize, this is an awesome option, isn’t it?

Modern and Luxurious Tiny A-frame Cabin

Modern and Luxurious Tiny A-frame Cabin 001

Images © Trademe.co.nz

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Bob Sheratons Solar Powered Trike 002

This solar assisted air conditioned tricycle with unlimited range is a guest post by Bob Sheraton

“Riding on Sunshine”

My solar assisted, air conditioned trike.
Basically the bike has unlimited range.
Unfortunately, I don’t!

The panels keep the 2-12v-36ah SLA DEEP CYCLE batteries fully charged, in series, for the 450 watt/24v hub motor, .the a/c is independently powered by 40 NiMh batteries wired series /parallel and a water mister manually pumped –that and my Columbia Zero shirt works better than expected–evaporative cooling. I have gone about 70 miles-110 km so far. It is not harder to pedal than unmodified, 21 speeds, and 3 wheels, help.

Solar, Air Conditioned Tricycle with Unlimited Range

Bob Sheratons Solar Powered Trike 002

Image © Bob Sheraton

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Would you like to win a tiny house of your own? SustainaFest, a non-profit organization in Maryland dedicated to sustainable community development, is hosting a tiny house essay contest. The prize is a 210-square foot, $76,000 energy-efficient home. You will love how sleek and modern this house is both outside and inside. It has a solar energy system, a rainwater collection/filtration system, a gourmet kitchen, and more!

To be eligible, you must submit an essay that is no longer than 350 words that answers the question: “What are your keys to living a sustainable lifestyle and how would owning the SustainaFest Tiny House help you realize your dream of living that lifestyle?” You will also need to include a $100.00 entry fee with an additional $5.00 processing fee.

The entries will be evaluated by celebrity judges and tiny house specialists, such as Merete Mueller, award-winning filmmaker of the documentary TINY: A Story About Living Small, and Derek “Deek” Diedrickson, host of HGTV’s Extreme Small Spaces.

SustainaFest Tiny House Essay Contest

SustainaFest Tiny House Essay Contest: Deadline July 1!

Images © SustainaFest/Sidecar Cinema

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This school bus conversion started with a $2,000 investment to buy an old school bus to turn it into a DIY motorhome. Not a bad way to get started, right?

This 60-passenger bus has now been stripped down to its bones and transformed into a beautiful tiny home on wheels (with an engine!) for two lovely people.

It has been stripped, polished, insulated, framed, and furnished. And today it serves as a wonderful little abode on wheels. Please enjoy and re-share this awesome DIY school bus conversion below. Thank you!

$2k School Bus Converted into Amazing DIY Motorhome

$2k School Bus Converted into Amazing DIY Motorhome 001

Images © TinyHomeBusConversion

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