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Convertible bunk beds took the spot for Tiny House Furniture #7.

This furniture would be great for a small apartment, tiny house or extra room.

When the beds are put away it doesn’t take up much space (besides a good chunk of a wall) and looks great.

No need for me to keep talking about it, take a look for yourself…


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These yard pods are great for a home office, art studio, meditation room, workout room, music studio, pool cabana, media room or even a photo studio.

“YardPods are pre-fabricated, steel frame backyard rooms individually configured using a large catalog of modular, eco-friendly parts and materials. Pre-assembled in precision engineered panels at our factory and fully assembled on your site –permit free in most areas.

For play, for work, for escape –your personal space can be only days away!”
~YardPods Website


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Tiny Green Cabins is building their Breathe Easy model right now.

This tiny house has a living area, kitchen and bathroom on the first level and a loft area for sleeping.

The unique thing about this house is that it’s designed to where the loft sleeping area doesn’t feel cramped.


And there are plenty of windows to keep air flowing throughout the house.

Another interesting thing I noticed was that the front door entrance leads to the bathroom first. Some people might not like that but if you look at the plans for a moment and think about it, it starts to make sense.
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Ran into this great teardrop RV video on Youtube. It showcases several unique Teardrops. You’ll see…

  • An 80 year old teardrop trailer owner (woman)
  • A teardrop that holds a little boat on top (you can’t tell it’s carrying it)
  • Unique privacy curtains as a way to change outside
  • How owners go to the bathroom in these

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Sing RV's Tiny House

Sing RV has a few really interesting tiny house designs.

We’ll start out with something we’re all used to…

Sing Tiny House on a Trailer

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Here’s a pretty cool (and possibly available) tiny studio in West Hollywood, CA. A great Craigslist find.

It has a nice private entrance and the studio has a luxurious bathroom, sleeping area, dining area and plenty of windows.

No kitchen but you are walkable distance to just about any where you need to go.

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