This one of a kind 688 sq. ft. transforming apartment is located in the Bastille district of Paris called the Bastille St. Nicolas Loft.

It has two bedrooms, one bathroom and can sleep up to four people comfortably.

Inside you’ll find hidden storage areas, sliding walls, raised wooden floors, and more.

An office area is available by pulling out part of a wall which gives you a functional desk.

This small apartment is available for sale as I write this for an asking price of 650,000 euros. It’s also currently available as a vacation rental. Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below.

Transforming Apartment in Paris For Sale (And Rent)

688 sf transforming apartment in paris for sale rent sleeps four bastille st nicolas loft 001 600x528   688 Sq. Ft. Transforming Apartment in Paris That Sleeps 4

Images ©

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Yoga Teacher Building his own Tiny Home – A guest post by John Cole

Hey Alex (and Tiny House Newsletter readers),

I love your website! It’s helped me dive deeper into the tiny house community and expand my knowledge so much to help with my own build. Here’s a little about me and my story:

I’m 24 years old and teach yoga at the Mt. Washington Resort in the beautiful White Mountains of New Hampshire. My apartment lease ran out at the end of August so I’ve been camping in the beautiful fall foliage while I work four days out of the week and the other three days I drive 2 hours down to Dover where I’m building the house.

I first heard of tiny houses about a year and a half ago. I really fell in love with them when I was in the middle of a cleanse and at a loss of what to do with myself, so I started researching them; the seed had been planted. From there my passion grew more and more gathering all the info I could about plans, layouts, building practices etc… I started teaching myself how to use sketch up and design everything. I would scour craigslist everyday looking for a suitable trailer until one day last summer I finally found the one. Its about 7.5′ x 20′. I got it for $400 from a guy in Maine. My friend Seth helped tow it to my parents house where I proceeded to spend the summer greasing the bearings, rewiring brakes/lights, and the labor intensive process of grinding all the rust off. I covered the trailer in POR and Seth welded reinforcements all over.

john cole yoga teacher building tiny home 001 600x425   Yoga Teacher Building His Own Tiny Home on Wheels

Images © John Cole

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From remarkable views of the Sawtooth Mountains to trout fishing in the near by creek this 690 sq. ft. cabin is a real wilderness retreat.

I was blown away by the natural beauty that surrounds this home. It’s situated on 3,785 acres in Clyde, Idaho aka the Little Lost River Valley.

The one bedroom/one bathroom cottage consists of roughly 600 sq. ft. of open living area and a sleeping loft of approximately 90 sq. ft.

The large front porch provides relaxing views of the mountains after a long day of fishing.

This small house has even been featured on the covers of Mountain Living magazine (August 2012) and Country Living magazine (Fall 2013).

690 Sq. Ft. Fishing Cottage near Sawtooth Mountains

690 Sq Ft Little Lost Cabin Idaho 010 600x373   690 Sq. Ft. Little Lost Cabin in Idaho

Images © Michael Chilcoat/Turner+Fitch/Brett Ziegler

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This 550 sq. ft. timber framed cabin called the TimberCab 550 by FabCab is in Lake Pend Oreille, Idaho assembled by Selle Valley Construction.

It’s built using SIP (structurally insulated panel) walls which are cut to precision in the FabCab factory which means assembly (construction) time is drastically reduced.

When you go inside you’ll find that there’s a very open floor plan with large windows and vaulted ceilings throughout which help make it feel even more spacious than 550 sq. ft.

Open and Spacious 550 Sq. Ft. Prefab Timber FabCab Cabin

timbercab 550 prefab cabin by fabcab photo marie dominique verdier 001 600x365   550 Sq. Ft. Prefab Timber Cabin by FabCab

Images © Marie-Dominique Verdier

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This pro snowboarder’s 228 sq. ft. tiny cabin is about 3 miles away from the nearest road so you have to get to the cabin using a snow mobile.

The owner/builder (Mike Basich) is a retired pro boarder that still loves to snowboard and uses camera drones (and more) to record himself while snowboarding.

One of the best features of the cabin is that it has a hot tub and a ski lift. Yes. He keeps it simple, straight to the point, and in line with his passion.

His electricity comes from solar panels, his heat from firewood, and water from melted snow. So it’s safe to say he’s off the grid. He also has a tiny house on wheels he uses to travel around the country with his dog, snow mobile, cameras, and boards.

Pro Snowboarder’s 228 Sq. Ft. Tiny Cabin

mike basich pro snowboarders tiny cabin in the snow 600x326   Professional Snowboarders 228 Sq. Ft. Tiny Cabin

Images © Mike Basich

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This Tumbleweed Tiny House for sale is in Prarieville, LA.

After 3 years of tiny living, Jeremy & Renee Molley are selling their tiny home because of an addition to their family.

It was built in 2012 in Monroe, Washington using Tumbleweed Fencl (now known as Cypress) plans.

They built the home themselves with the help of friends who are professional builders and carpenters.

Please enjoy more details and photos below.

Couple’s Tumbleweed Tiny House For Sale

jeremy and renee molleys tumbleweed tiny house for sale 003 600x397   Tumbleweed Tiny House For Sale in Prarieville, LA

Images © Jeremy & Renee Molley

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This old bread van converted into a guest bedroom isn’t exactly a fully functioning cabin or tiny house but I still thought you might enjoy it (since I did).

Basically… It’s just a private bedroom! But inside there’s no bathroom, shower, or kitchen. Just space for sleeping and hanging out in peace. And it’s heated (and has wi-fi), too.

The van is available as a nightly rental if you’re ever wanted to stay in Vestby, Akershus, Norway. It has over 43 raving reviews from previous guests.

The van is a 1968 Citroen HY. It has a double bed and little sofa inside. The bathroom you get access to is inside the house on the property.

1968 Citroen HY Van Turned into Guest Bedroom Micro Cabin

bread van converted into guest bedroom micro cabin in norway 001 600x397   Old Bread Van Converted into Guest Bedroom Micro Cabin

Images © Airbnb

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