This 192 sq. ft. tiny house is on a 10 acre lot and it’s all for sale for an asking price of just $49,900.

I’m not familiar with the area or the condition of the home so please do your research before making any serious decisions but I just wanted to share this with you today because I thought you might also appreciate it.

And to me it’s just great to see listings like this, isn’t it? Because it shows that there are places where you can buy plots of land relatively affordably and build tiny. Best of all, if you ever grow out of ‘tiny’, you can add on or build another slightly larger home. Just a thought.

Tiny House For Sale on 10 Acres For $49k

tiny house in nh for sale 50k 10 acres 001   192 Sq. Ft. Tiny House For Sale on 10 Acres

Images: Zillow

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Check out this modern tiny studio designed as a ‘granny flat’ for visiting family members. In 2012 an Australian family had this studio designed by Taft|Studio for Architecture.

The family wanted to give their parents a nice place to stay while visiting for long summers. This allowed them to stay longer and feel more comfortable staying for months while their grandchildren were out of school.

They made the open living area include a small kitchen and dining table, along with plenty of cabinets. Take a close look at the colorful back splash in the kitchen area. It’s made from stacked Legos with a piece of glass over it. Cool, right?

Nestled inside is also a compact bedroom and bathroom. Giving them plenty of privacy away from the main living house.  The studio is connected to the main house by a deck with a covered veranda.

In my eyes I could live in this small space without a doubt.

There is a glass skylight that reaches the length of the tiny studio providing more natural light throughout. Also gives beautiful garden views surrounding the studio. The more windows/light the better in my opinion.

Australian Outback Tiny Studio called ‘The Pod’

Australian Family Build Studio Flat for Vacationing Family 00   Australian Family Build Tiny Studio called The Pod

Images © Shantanu Starick/Taft|Studio for Architecture

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I think you’ll love this ‘granny flat’ modern small home which is used by a family in Seattle who enjoy using the structure as:

  • a playroom for the kids,
  • an office to work in,
  • and a guesthouse for visitors.

But I think I’d love to live in it full time and figured I’d ask you, too. That being said, it packs a lot of functionality into a space with a footprint of 20′ x 12′. And since it’s on a foundation there are high ceilings and an ultra spacious upstairs sleeping loft that you can easily stand up and walk around in.

With the help of an architect uncle and Ninebark Design Build LLC they were able to make it happen. Take a look below and let us know how you like it in the comments.

Family Builds Modern Small Home in Backyard

garden pavilion modern small house with loft 001   Granny Flat Modern Small Home: Garden Pavilion

Photos by Aaron Leitz Photography

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The purpose of this off grid tiny house was to offer young couples or millennials the ability to live outside the hustle and bustle of the big city.

To have the ability to live off grid in a tiny house while being more environmentally friendly is the idea here.

Initially  research was collected to see what young people wanted.

Data showed not everyone was completely ready to move off-the-grid. Or to even live in a smaller space.

The goal behind this design was to get young couples comfortable with the idea of living small, simple, but not completely off-the-grid.

Tiny House Designed for the Environmental-Friendly Millennial Generation

Off Grid Prototype Tiny House Designed with Millennials in Mind 00   Off Grid Tiny House for Environmentally Conscious Millennials

Images © Jordan Spuck via Simple Solar Homesteading

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The Story of How I Live in My Tiny House Full Time – by Shirley Loomis

Living in my tiny house on a full-time basis actually was an evolutionary process, and truth be told, is still occurring.

The first part came when I took a critical look at the stuff I owned and decided what to keep and what to discard. Even what I kept had qualifiers.

Much of it was items I did not always want to have out on a full-time basis. Some things were seasonal and therefore did not need to be openly available at all times.

Full Time Living in my Tiny House

living in my tiny house full time shirley loomis 600x600   How I Live in My Tiny House Full Time

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Today, in the comments on this post, Shelby asks, “What kind of interior siding looks like conventional sheet rock — thought that was a no no for tiny house on wheels due to the stress off moving??”

Great question! A lot of people ask about how some builders install drywall on the interior of tiny houses that are built on trailers because they worry that when towing it will cause the interior drywall sheets to crack.

And that’s definitely a smart thing to worry about. When I saw Shelby’s question, I remember reading about a trick to prevent your drywall from cracking… even in a tiny house on wheels.

I learned about this ‘trick’ thanks to Carrie and Shane from Clothesline Tiny Homes. They used this method and it worked. Plus they traveled quite a bit with their tiny home with no issues.

Tiny House Drywall ‘Trick’ Prevents Cracking

Learn how it works below:

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A recent Bloomberg article on the tiny house movement features tiny house living success stories, builders, and influencers which makes for a really fun read.

The article covers topics such as costs to build a tiny house and how people don’t really need a lot of money to be able to own their own house.

It features Doug Immel, who’s almost done building his 164 square feet dream tiny home so that he can retire simply in it.

As you read you’ll also discover a section completely dedicated to living without a mortgage because that’s what the micro house movement is all about… freedom.

Tiny House Living Success Stories

bloomberg features tiny house movement 600x661   Tiny House Living Success Stories on Bloomberg

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