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This is the Mio by Covo Tiny Houses in Portland, Oregon.

Thoughtfully designed with the knowledge worker in mind, the Covo Mio is packed with features that make working from home a technological joy. Features such as integrated smart home lighting, heating and security, a sit/stand work desk, built-in 55” monitor and plenty of 2.4 amp USB charging ports ensure that you’ll be able to work with comfortable efficiency. A full working kitchen including a stainless steel cooktop and oven, and plenty of clever storage makes healthy cooking easy. And built in stereo speakers, a seven foot bar top, and our innovative awning window make entertaining simple and fun.

Amazing! Enjoy the pictures and then contact the builder on the last page.

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The Mio by Covo Tiny Houses, Portland Oregon

Images via Covo Tiny House

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This is The Cado by Thimble Homes that’s for sale right now in Oregon.

They named it “Cado” because the color looks like the inside of an avocado! As an avid avocado fan, I must agree. The inside is a stunning contrast of light beetle kill pine walls and deep chocolate-colored cabinets. You get a galley kitchen, full bathroom, two loft bedrooms and a spacious living room that just needs some cushy couches.

Get all the details, price, and contact information for the builder below. Enjoy!

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The Cado by Thimble Homes: For Sale in Oregon

Images via Thimble Homes

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This is an Upper Mohawk Point THOW for sale in Ontario.

It comes with both a loft sleeping area and a 7 ft 8 in x 7 ft 3 in master bedroom on the ground level, allowing you to sleep without climbing steps! The kitchen includes a small oven, larger refrigerator, and a beautiful tile backsplash. I love that there’s space for a sectional in the living room and the faux stone fireplace makes the whole place so warm.

You can get all the details on the last page and see more at Realtor.com.

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Upper Mohawk Point THOW For Sale (Downstairs Bedroom!)

Images via Realtor

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This Father and Son-In-Law were just joking around: “We could build a nice tiny house like the other professional builders,” they thought.

And now they have! This is their 22 Ft. No Loft Tiny House on Wheels:

The main factor for this tiny house was trying to keep the house lightweight enough that a 1/2 ton vehicle could tow it. And they accomplished that. Adding help from other family members here and there. The 2 combined their 30+ years of DIY and building techniques to build this custom, one of a kind tiny house. Built with integrity in mind.

Enjoy the photos below and get details, price and the builder’s contact information on the last page!

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Father and Son-In-Law’s 22 Ft. (No Loft) Tiny House on Wheels

Images via Zachary Cashio

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This is Lina and Isha’s Tiny For Two (T42) that they designed and built recently.

You might remember Lina Mernard’s Lucky Penny that lived at the Simply Home Community in Portland, Oregon. Lina now lives with her fiance, Isha, in the T42 at a different Portland tiny house community called Going Places. I especially love the downstairs office area that comes complete with tons of built-in storage.

I included tons of specs about the house and Lina’s contact information, on the last page, so be sure to check those out.

Enjoy the pictures (all from Kristina Lynn Photography) below!

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Lina and Isha’s Tiny For Two (T42)

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This is the Little Bitty Tiny House that’s was just sold after housing Cody, Shay and their baby boy for about a year.

The couple recently shared on Instagram that they are moving to South Africa and will be remodeling an old RV! Read more about their move on the last page.

I wanted to share the gorgeous Little Bitty to inspire you in your own DIY tiny house adventure (they documented the build on their blog here), and simultaneously get you connected with this awesome family that’s living a minimalist life (follow them on Instagram!).

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Family’s Journey From Little Bitty THOW to Renovated RV

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This is the Lillooet 31′ Tiny House by West Coast Outbuildings in North Vancouver, British Columbia.

The stunning home includes two private loft bedrooms accessible by storage stairs, a state-of-the art kitchen, and a super cozy living room that I could enjoy many evenings in! The bathroom has room for a washer-dryer and has a beautiful tile shower.

For more details, a video tour, and the builder contact information, head to the last page. Enjoy!

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Lillooet 31′ Tiny House by West Coast Outbuildings

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