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This is a modern Australian tiny house on wheels in Australia.

From the outside, it hardly even looks like it’s built on a trailer, right? Probably because of the beautiful built-in porch system which of course you would have to uninstall before you move the home to a different location.

When you go inside, you’ll find a beautiful interior with a bed that lifts up into the ceiling when you’re not using it, a kitchen, fold out table, plenty of storage cabinets, a bathroom, and more! Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

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Modern Australian Tiny House on Wheels with a Bed Lift

Modern THOW Australia Tiny House Company 001

Images © TinyHouseCompany.com.au

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This is the story of a man who renovated his 70s Airstream into an awesome tiny home on wheels that he now lives in with his daughter.

It’s a 1976 Airstream Ambassador. It measures 30′ from the rear to the hitch and offers about 28′ of space inside. From the outside, it still looks like a classic Airstream travel trailer.

When you go inside, you’ll find a unique living area with a kitchen, daybed, dining table that converts into a bed, a bathroom, and plenty of storage throughout. Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

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Man Renovates 70s Airstream into Father/Daughter Tiny Home

70s Airstream Renovation Dad and Daughter Living Simply 001

Images © Houzz via HouzzTV/YouTube

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This is the story and video tour/interview of how a man named Gary Beaudoin built a skinny and tall tiny home on his 6,000 sq. ft. lot in Bend, Oregon.

The home has a footprint of 28′ by 16′ and is almost 30′ tall. Inside, you’ll find about 876 sq. ft. of interior space between two levels.

The bedroom is on the first floor along with the bathroom. When you go upstairs, you’ll find a living area with beautiful views, an outdoor balcony, and the kitchen. Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

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Man Builds Skinny and Tall Tiny Home in Bend, OR

skinny and tall cottage in Bend Oregon by Gary Beaudoin via Faircompanies 001

Images © Faircompanies/YouTube

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This is the Bayfield Tiny House by Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses.

It’s built onto a triple-axle 8′ x 28′ utility trailer with a 3/12 gable roof pitch to increase interior space, especially in the upstairs sleeping lofts.

When you go inside, you’ll find a living area, kitchen, bathroom, and two upstairs lofts. Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

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Bayfield Tiny House by Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses

Bayfield Tiny House by Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses

Images © Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses

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One of our readers sent me this commercial/advertising stunt which features three Italian grandmothers who travel in tiny homes on trailers to cook for lucky people and families they meet on the road on what they call a Sausage Sunday. It’s called The Sausage Nonnas – the World’s Most Elite Sausage Delivery Service.

The grandmothers seem funny, they have a great sense of humor, and the tiny homes look pretty spacious, too. This video seems to be a marketing partnership featuring tiny houses on wheels with the Italian Sausage company, Johnsonville and the popular driver service, Uber. What do you think? Funny? Not funny? All I can say is, they seem like a lot of fun to hang out with and I wish I was lucky enough to get to eat their Italian dishes! How about you? Watch the video below and let us know your thoughts.

Three Grandmothers Cooking Italian in Tiny Houses on Wheels

Sausage Nonnas 01

Images © Johnsonville & Uber via YouTube

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This is to announce the creation of the first tiny house coloring book by Dana Reinert who is a fellow tiny house fanatic and reader of our Tiny House Talk and our free Tiny House Newsletter. Her book is called The Tiny House Coloring (and Activity!) Book.

Dana is creating the tiny house coloring book for herself, her friends, and her family, but she’s started a Kickstarter campaign to see if the rest of the world might also be interested in it. Pretty cool, right? So that’s why I’m letting you know about it right now!

The world’s first Tiny House Coloring Book will soon be available if enough of us are interested in it. I think it’s a wonderful idea, how about you? If you’d like to reserve your own coloring book you can head over to Dana’s Kickstarter page to pre-order one. And if enough of us put our orders in, she will create and deliver them to us! If not, you won’t be charged anything because that’s how Kickstarter works. :)

The Tiny House Coloring (And Activity!) Book by Dana Reinert

Tiny House Coloring Book 01

Images © Dana Reinert/TinyHouseColoringBook.com

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This is a beautiful two-story tiny cabin on Butler Island in Vermont designed by Vermont Home Design and built by Surprenant Construction in North Hero.

This two story one bedroom charmer built on Butler Island incorporates the beauty of tiny living. Limited by the grandfathered footprint, two large shed dormers bring in abundant natural light to make for a conferrable second floor bedroom. The two-story walk out deck/porch makes for a great space to enjoy the lake views and surrounding environment.

Two-Story Tiny Cabin on Butler Island in Vermont

Butler Island Tiny Cabin by VT Architects 001

Images © Vermont Home Design/Surprenant Construction

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This is the City of the Sun tiny house community near Columbus, New Mexico being shared with you thanks to Bob Cook. Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below if you’re interested. Thank you!

City of the Sun, an intentional community of 200 acres North of the village of Columbus NM on the Mexican border is soliciting new members. COS was established almost 40 years ago. The land is arid desert surrounded by several small mountain ranges. The economy in the area is fairly depressed so prospective members are encouraged to have independent incomes such as retirement or skills that can be applied via internet etc..

Each member is entitled to up to 2 large lots. Most of the structures are owner built and include numerous tiny houses. Alternative building techniques have always been encouraged and there are quite a few structures made out of papercrete and adobe.

For those interested, please contact me at “lifewithbob101@yahoo.com”

City of the Sun Tiny House Community near Columbus, NM

Paul's Blue

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This is a 26′ Tiny House RV with Shed-style Roof by Tiny Idahomes.

It features two skylights, french doors, and a combination of cedar and metal siding on the outside.

When you go inside, you’ll find a kitchen, living area, bathroom, and an upstairs sleeping loft. This tiny home recently sold for $44,350 USD. Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

26′ Tiny House RV with Shed-style Roof by Tiny Idahomes

26 Modern Shed Style Roof Idahome 001

Images © Tiny Idahomes

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