Right now I’m sharing a submission by Ellie Epp who designed a 26′ long and 10′ wide tiny house and is now looking for someone to help build it.

It started out as a house truck design but since 26′ length was needed she decided that it wouldn’t be an easy to drive truck at this length so the design evolved into a tiny home. Please enjoy and re-share below. :)

I like to live with a lot of light and a constant relation to the outdoors so there can never be too many windows. am a filmmaker so the desk has to take up a lot of space, and also like to work on my bed, which rules out a ladder. – so it’s a very personal design, but maybe there are others (other women?) who share these likings?

Ellie’s 26′ x 10′ No Loft Tiny House Design

260 sq ft no loft tiny house design by ellie epp 001 600x408   260 Sq. Ft. No Loft Tiny House Design

Images © Ellie Epp

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This lightweight bicycle micro camper made to be towed by bicycle is called The Wide Path Camper.

And it’s actually set to go into production and become available in early 2015 with a price of about $2,500, according to this article on Gizmag.

It weighs about 88 pounds unloaded so it’s relatively lightweight and actually has tons of features like storage, windows, seating, bed, and more.

Imagine using it with the help of electric power on your bicycle along with solar panels to help keep charged on the roof of the camper.

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Lightweight Micro Camper to Tow with your Bicycle

wide path camper bicycle 002 600x330   Lightweight Bicycle Micro Camper: Tow with Your Bicycle

Images © Wide Path Camper

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This tiny A-frame cabin in Leuven, Belgium is a temporary house for Inne Van Engeland and her partner.

The couple was able to reconstruct this structure with mostly recycled materials and make it work with their needs.

They did have their considers about living in such a small space. But the couple say they love living in their small wooden castle with their puppy Hank.

In the cabin there is plenty of space for entertaining guest. And don’t miss the cool stairs they have going up to the bedroom.

Now check out the photos below and see what you think of their design.

Simple Tiny A-frame Cabin in Belgium

Simple Tiny A frame Cabin Belgium 001 600x395   Couple Live Tiny in A frame Cabin in Belgium

Images © Inne Van Engeland and  by Dorien Buys for Louvintage

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This 5th wheel travel trailer tiny home renovation is a guest post by Laura Sauve

My partner Chad and I sold our 1200 sq. ft. home 5 months ago to embark on new employment and a new way of living via a ‘Tiny Home’ on wheels. We are planning on building a beautiful four season one after we’ve saved for it, but for now we live in a 5th wheel in Ontario Canada.

Yep, we are RV’ing this winter and so far so good! Aside from that, we are THRILLED that we sold nearly everything to embark on this amazing adventure. We have felt a freedom we haven’t felt in our lives, ever! We live comfortably with our two Dobermans and two cats in our 144 sq. ft., very well appointed and decorated trailer!

I’ve enclosed pics for you and your readers and welcome them to find me on Facebook at Laura Sauve Décor Consultant where I post updates on our new lifestyle and décor projects. Tiny homes can be gorgeous, modern and spacious, I tell everyone that I’ve learned space is actually an illusion and that happiness doesn’t come in the form of ‘things’.

Happy Tiny Home building to everyone, thank you for your helpful website too :)

The 144 sq. ft. 5th Wheel Travel Trailer Tiny House (Before & After)

laura and chads 5th wheel tiny home before and after 001 600x374   Couple Renovate 5th Wheel Travel Trailer into Tiny Home

Images © Kortnie Sloat

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Designed in nature and eco friendly I’m happy to share with you the Tye River Cabin located in Skykomish, Washington.

The architects, Olson Kundig, designed this cabin with large windows and glass doors for entertaining and inviting the outdoors in. I feel these features give the modern river cabin a more natural feel.

The cabin is compact yet cozy and fully equipped with a kitchen, living room with a fireplace, two bedrooms and a bathroom.

I believe this cabin in the woods would make a nice peaceful place to live.

Enjoy the photos below and let us know what you think are about this cabin down by the river.

600 Sq. Ft. Tye River Cabin in Washington

600 Sq Ft Tye River Cabin Washington 001   600 Sq. Ft. Tye River Cabin in Washington

Images © Trendir

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This 480 sq. ft. backyard cottage Berkeley, California is a guest post by John Olmsted of New Avenue Homes

Bruce and Nancy have an active and engaging world. They have a growing daughter, family and guests coming by regularly, and many hobbies and interests. When grandma and grandpa were visiting for the holidays and found themselves staying in a hotel on the other side of town, they knew it was time to upgrade their home. With help from New Avenue, they converted an old milk barn in their backyard into the perfect guest house.

At 480 square feet, it has a bedroom, bath, big closet, and living room perfect for accommodating visiting family and friends. There is an additional 160 square feet for storing gear and tools. The surrounding yard is beautifully landscaped with a stone path leading to the main house.

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480 Sq. Ft. Milk Barn Converted into Backyard Cottage

milk barn converted to 480 sf cottage 001 600x417   Milk Barn Converted into 480 Sq. Ft. Backyard Cottage

Images © New Avenue Homes

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Right now I want to give you an update on OM Build which is a tiny house community for the homeless in Madison, Wisconsin.

If you feel called to I’d also like to invite you to help support the growth and completion of the community with your own donation.

Occupy Madison is building tiny houses for people who don’t have homes. So far, they have completed the first three tiny houses, according to this article on the Huffington Post.

The next phase is to build six more tiny houses along with a community area with a bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, and more.

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Tiny House Community for Homeless Finishes 3rd Tiny Home

om build finishes 3rd tiny house for homeless community 001 600x450   Tiny House Community for Homeless Finishes 3rd Tiny Home

Images © OM Build

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