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At Andrews University students built this 153 square foot tiny house on wheels.

They call it the Bay View Tiny House. It’s built on a 18’ x 8’-6” trailer. And it has a 6’ x 8’ loft and an additional 4’ x 8’ loft.

Carey Carscallen, Dean of Architecture, Art & Design tells us about the Bay View Tiny House.

It is made of standard 2×4 stud construction, all cedar siding, and plywood paneling on the interior. It is insulated with spray foam insulation, R15 in the walls and R30 in the ceiling.

All cabinetry is custom built by our students. It has a 2 burner electric cooktop, provisions for electric heat, propane hot water, regular flush toilet, standard 32″ x 32” fiberglass shower, and pedestal sink in the bathroom. Black and grey water sewers can be separated. Windows are from Pella. The roof is a membrane, professionally installed.

This was a 2 semester class in our School of Architecture. The purpose of the class was to give our students the opportunity to learn hands-on design-build skills.

We are located in Michigan, so we chose to do a Tiny House – two in fact – that we could build in our warehouse and not be affected by the long cold winter.

As you can see, the students took this opportunity to demonstrate their design skills, and learned a lot about construction in the process. It is our plan to sell the Tiny House and repeat the process next school year.

College Students Build 153 Sq. Ft. Tiny House bay-view-tiny-house-001

Images © Levon Kotanko & Derek Peters
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This is the Sequoia model by California Tiny Houses in the Fresno area.

This is an 18′ tiny home on wheels custom built by the company. And since it’s RV certified it should be relatively easy to get an RV loan to buy from them.

It weighs about 9000 lbs with about 1300 lbs of tongue weight in case you’re curious.

Inside you get about 224 sq. ft. of space and there’s even an extended loft that goes over the hitch a bit. Pretty smart, right? I also absolutely love the garden window. :)

224 Sq. Ft. Sequoia by California Tiny Houses


Images © CaliforniaTinyHouses

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If you’ve been interested in attending an upcoming Tumbleweed Tiny House Workshop right now is a good time to get your tickets because you get a free book ($29 value with 100+ photos) and DVD ($59 value with 3+ hours of how to) with your ticket(s) if you order before 5/31 at midnight.

Since I’ve never seen them do this before I thought I’d let you know. In addition, some locations are actually still available at sale price instead of full price. See the full list of workshop locations here.

These tiny house workshops are great if you’re a beginner when it comes to construction, design, and tiny living because you get to learn the basics in a fun environment with other like-minded and friendly people.

And it’s great that you’ll also get to have the book and Tumbleweed Design/Build DVD to reference back to at home, isn’t it? Learn more, get your tickets, and re-share below. Thank you!

2-Day Tumbleweed Tiny House Workshops Sale

2-Day Tumbleweed Tiny House Workshop Sale - Free DVD & Book

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Tiny House Magazine Issue 29 by Kent Griswold and his team of tiny living contributors is available now. This issue is focused on school bus tiny home conversions.

This issue contains 74 PDF pages of articles, photos, video, and resources on tiny houses for you to enjoy on any of your electronic devices (tablet, smart phone, or computer).

So if you can’t get enough of tiny houses you’ll love this issue of Kent’s Tiny House Magazine because it features fascinating ideas from several people who have been and still are successfully and happily living tiny.

Tiny House Magazine Issue 29: School Bus Conversions

Tiny House Magazine Issue 29 School Bus Conversions

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This gorgeous tiny house vacation with a sauna is called Hope Cottage.

It’s a little bed and breakfast called Hope Island Cottages Bed and Breakfast in Fidalgo Island near La Conner in Washington State.

So if you’ve been wanting to try out tiny living, here’s yet another tiny house vacation option for you. And this tiny house is simply stunning. See for yourself below. :)

Amazing Tiny House Vacation with Sauna


Images © Christopher Tack

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This Kirkwood Travel Trailer Tiny House on Wheels is for sale starting in June 2015 in case you’re interested.

This custom redesigned travel trailer to tiny home conversion even includes a functioning slide out for extra space once your tiny house is parked in place.

It’s based on a 2004 Fleetwood Prowler travel trailer but the entire interior and exterior has been completely re-finished with features similar to that of a home.

This includes windows, french doors, insulation, appliances, furniture, and more. Asking price is $26,500 completely finished or $22,500 if you finish it yourself.

Kirkwood Travel Trailer Tiny House For Sale

Kirkwood RV Tiny House For Sale

Images © Kirkwood Tiny Homes

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Even though Adam and Karen don’t include themselves to be part of the tiny house “movement”, their 280 square foot cabin certainly qualifies it be featured here.

Their goal in building the home was finding the right balance between function, character and cost. Karen and Adam found the property on the way back from a friend’s wedding.

After hiking up the driveway (their car couldn’t make it), and discovering the breathtaking scenery and waterfalls, they made an offer on it 5 days later.

Adam and Karen’s Tiny Off-Grid House

Adam and Karen 2

Images © equinunkcabin.blogspot.com

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