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This is Hannah’s Tiny House which she built in six months with the help of her dad, Mike.

Hannah attends college away from home, but was ready to move out of her dorm situation. However, her off-campus options kept falling through:

We joked around about building a tiny house, but the more we joked, the more serious the actual plan became and lo and behold we decided to take the plunge.

Read more about their journey below!

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Hannah’s Tiny House: A Father-Daughter Project

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This is Mini Mansions Tiny Home Builder‘s 20’ Chic Shack Lime Green THOW that’s for sale.

I went through this terrible phase in middle school of wanting everything — from my shoes to my backpack — to be lime green. Instead of embodying my 13-year-old self’s idea of fashion, Mini Mansions creates a bright, classy and chic home with grey bead board, white trim and just the right number of beautiful lime green touches worthy of a true adult (Love that door!).

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Mini Mansion Chic Shack Lime Green THOW

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This is Michelle’s Pawsitively Tiny House near Columbus, Ohio.

Michelle went tiny after spending a year living in a boat in New York City! Her small space allows her to spend time with family and do what she loves — rescuing and caring for animals. Read our interview with her below the pictures!

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Michelle’s Pawsitively Tiny House

Images via Michelle

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This is The Stargazer, a Micro Cylinder Room in the Woods designed for — you guessed it — stargazing!

This adorable tiny space includes nothing more than a huge skylight, two comfy chairs and an itty bitty wood stove to heat a kettle of tea. It was built by Echo Living, and sits in the woods around Ardgour Estate’s Cuil Moss Cottage in the West Highlands of Scotland. Sign me up!

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The Stargazer: Micro Cylinder Room in the Woods

Images via Echo Living

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This is the Utopian Villa’s 28′ Dragonfly THOW in Oak Creek, WI that’s for sale. The price has been reduced to $69,000.

Utopian Villas purchased the plans to build their version of the Robinson’s Dragonfly. The beautiful, modern build has a nifty “hidden staircase,” a retractable extra countertop and a myriad of top-of-the-line features including keyless entry and USB power ports. It has a loft bedroom, fun roof line with a skylight and a very comfy-looking couch! For sale now.

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Utopian Villa’s 28′ Dragonfly THOW

Images via Utopian Villas

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Jeremy Matlock of Rogue Valley Tiny Home Construction in Oregon built himself this Custom Clearstory home from mostly reclaimed materials.

The little house cost him about $10,000, and he lived in it for two years before selling the 270 sq. ft. abode. Since then he moved on to his second (and now third!) tiny house builds:

This is how it all began. Sick and tired of simply scraping by and throwing money away every month on rent I decided to build my first tiny house. I lived very comfortably in this 18″ house for two years and absolutely loved it. This was built using mostly reclaimed materials and was finished for under $10K. Some of it’s unique features include: Roof-top deck off the sleeping loft, gravity-fed outdoor shower/32″ indoor shower, composting toilet, removable deck, 10 windows, dog door, wood stove, drop in two burner propane stove, double basin sink, propane on-demand water heater, professional hand made couch cushions, breakfast nook, hatch loft door, and much much more.

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Jeremy Matlock’s Custom Clearstory THOW

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In the past we’ve shown you the incredible Blackdown Shepherd Huts, but now the company is selling self-build kits so you can make your very own!

Options include a metal or oak build kit at 12, 14, 16 and 18 ft. long, and 7 ft. 6 inches wide. The kits include a step by step video guide to help you on your way. If you are pretty handy but want a little more direction, this is a great middle ground!  Even though the company is based in the UK, they’ll ship the kits to the US and Australia! Watch the video about the kits below.

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Self-Build Blackdown Shepherd Hut Kits

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This is a Rolling Cabin Vacation Rental at Hide Away Pines.

The Tiny House on Wheels was built by Rolling Cabins and is available to rent for a Wisconsin vacation. See the builder’s handiwork up close and get a taste for tiny living.

See how it is to stay in a tiny house. It is secluded on 20 plus acres. Full electric installed. Contact us for details and availability….Located near the Wisconsin Dells just 15 minutes off the Interstate. It is $110/night with a 2 night minimum. Showers and flush toilet during the warm season… Winter rate just $85/night. NO Water or showers in the Winter. You have to bring your own water for cleaning and drinking.

Book your stay on VRBO!

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Rolling Cabin Vacation Rental at Hide Away Pines

Images via VRBO

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This is the dazzling new Peacock model from Old Hippie Tiny Homes.

Rob Millar builds custom homes for interested buyers, and if you’re interested in “trying out” the Peacock, you can rent a few nights on Airbnb! This one sleeps three near Death Valley, Nevada. What better way to get up-close and personal with a builder’s work and evaluate if it’s what you want?

Click here to book your stay!

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Peacock from Old Hippie Tiny Homes: Rent or Buy

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