This 714 sq. ft. cabin by Dotter & Solfjeld Architects now serves as a guest house behind the property owners main home.

An old barn was on the lot that was beyond repair so they decided to reuse the barn wood to build this cabin.

Inside you’ll find an open living area, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and an additional sleeping loft in the back. Please enjoy and re-share below.

714 Sq. Ft. Cabin Built with Reclaimed Materials


Images © Dotter & Solfjeld Architecture & Design

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Originally Kristie Wolfe built her own 97 sq. ft. tiny house on wheels in Idaho for only $5k. It was an experiment to live tiny for a year. Only she decided to continue living tiny. So after a few years went by she decided to buy a plot of land in Hawaii, sight unseen, for $8k. This is where she would build her second tiny home. Eventually she built the 230 sq. ft. treehouse cabin of her dreams (and you’re about to see it below) for $11k with the help of her mom.

The cabin is 15′ x 15′, it’s up on stilts, and is completely off the grid. She even relies on rain to collect her water. And you should see how her toilet works to save water! She also uses rooftop solar panels for power and uses propane to heat her water. I encourage you to learn more by enjoying the guided video tour of the treehouse cabin below with Kristie Wolfe.

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Woman’s 230 Sq. Ft. Off Grid Cabin in Hawaii

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This couple decided to build their own custom designed 704 sq. ft. cabin to simplify their lives.

They wanted to cut their bills, become more energy efficient, and cut down on cleaning and maintenance.

“While we admire the people who live in tiny homes, we need a bit more room,” says the couple.

Couple Build 704 Sq. Ft. Cabin that ‘Fits Like a Glove’


Images © SimplyHomeNC

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I’m excited to share this park model tiny cabin on wheels by Rich’s Portable Cabins called Dodge.

It’s 11′ 6″ wide and 33′ 10 1/2″ long plus it has an additional covered porch for your outdoor space.

Inside you’ll find a spacious floor plant hat includes a nice kitchen, living area, bathroom, first level bedroom, washer/dryer nook, and additional upstairs sleeping loft space. Please enjoy and re-share below.

Spacious Park Model Tiny Cabin on Wheels by RPC


Images © Rich’s Portable Cabins

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Our big thanks to Dan for sharing this $18k converted school bus RV for sale in Loveland, Colorado.

It’s a 40′ long 44 passenger 1990 Bluebird School Bus with a Cummins diesel engine. It has 130,000 miles.

Inside you’ll find a bedroom with a king bed, under-bed storage and above bed cabinets. The bus to rolling cabin conversion also includes a kitchen, living room/office, bathroom, and more. Please enjoy and re-share below.

$18k Converted School Bus RV For Sale in Colorado


Images © Ft. Collins Craigslist/Meredith

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Rich Daniels, of Rich’s Portable Cabins in North Powder, Oregon is here to share some wisdom regarding tiny house building standards and safety issues. Since I think his concerns are valid and very important for the future of tiny homes I’m sharing it with you below. Please pass it on.

Wanted to just take a moment to show my appreciation for the Tiny House forum you have created and add a note of concern that I have. I truly enjoy seeing all of the Tiny living spaces that people create for themselves, it is great to see the marriage of art and ingenuity. My concern has been and continues to be our transition as a community into mainstream living.  Fighting the decades long belief that bigger is better and trying to have city, counties and states recognize us as a viable legal living option.  Those who build Tiny Homes for resale should be vehemently aware of this situation and there is where my concern begins.  Although many of the designs I have been seeing lately on your medium are brilliant in many ways, some if not all are lacking the safety features that all manufactures must conform to.
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Below you can see one of Rich’s tiny houses on wheels built to standards inside:


Images © Rich’s Portable Cabins (full tour of this tiny house in this post)

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This micro cabin is shaped like a boulder and sits in a sculpture park in the Swiss Alps.

Inside you’ll find that it’s really basic. There’s no kitchen, shower, or toilet.

The tiny cabin is built out of wood that’s surrounded by a concrete shell.

You’ll find just one window, a skylight, and a door to get in and out.

The stone cabin was created by A-Bureau architecture firm and photographed by Dylan Perrenoud.

Stone-Shaped Sculpture Micro Cabin in Swiss Alps


Images © Dylan Perrenoid

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