Right now I’m excited to show you a 144 sq. ft. tiny cabin on wheels by Yahini Homes.

It’s 8′ x 18′ with a side entrance and small covered porch designed for when the cabin’s parked for living.

Inside you’ll find an open kitchen, bed, bathroom, and storage. It’s a one level design so there’s no sleeping loft.

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144 Sq. Ft. Yahini Tiny Cabin on Wheels with a Porch

tiny cabin 8x18 with side entrance and porch yahini homes 0001 600x448   144 Sq. Ft. Yahini Tiny Cabin with a Porch

Images © Yahini Homes

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Right now I want to give you a tour of a wonderful little cottage called the Rolling Bungalow. Best of all, if you really like it, you can download the free tiny house plans to build it yourself.

If you do all of the labor yourself it costs an estimated $17,000 to build. And you can do so on a 7’x20′ trailer. In total there’s 160 sq. ft. of living space inside without including the sleeping lofts. And the overall footprint is 8’6″ x 20′.

I hope you enjoy the tour as much as I have. And if you really like it, you can even get the plans too! Please re-share and enjoy below.

160 Sq. Ft. Rolling Bungalow and Free Tiny House Plans

rolling bungalow 160 sq ft tiny house plans free 001 600x400   Free Tiny House Plans: 160 Sq. Ft. Rolling Bungalow

Images © Tatsuya Sato for The Small House Catalog

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Right now I want to let you know about the upcoming Tiny House Conference organized by Ryan Mitchell April 18-19, 2015 in Portland, Oregon.

It’s a great opportunity to tour tiny houses in person, meet and learn from an army of experienced builders, and get to know other like minded people.

Tickets are available right now and the earlier you get your tickets the more money you’ll save. If you’re interested in learning how to design, build, and live tiny this could be the perfect event to attend.

2015 Tiny House Conference in Portland, Oregon

2014 tiny house conference 0001 600x311   2015 Tiny House Conference in Portland, Oregon

Images © Tiny House Conference

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When Bill Southworth of Hybrid Propulsion began traveling with his Rottweiler he was unhappy with where he had to end up staying. That’s why he ended up creating the 80 sq. ft. transforming cargo trailer stealth tiny house I’m showing you right now.

His options before designing and building this unique little cabin on wheels was to stay at motels that were rather unpleasant or high end dog-friendly hotels that were way too expensive. After looking at most of the travel trailer options out there, he was also unhappy with how large, ugly, inefficient, and awfully constructed they were.

Inspired by Graham Hill’s transforming apartment in NYC, he set his mind on creating a way to build his own hotel on wheels. And that’s how this beautiful 16′ Haulmark cargo trailer turned modern micro cabin on wheels was born. Please enjoy.

Our big thanks to Saint Phlip for sending and sharing this story with us!

Man Builds Dog-friendly Stealth Cargo Trailer Tiny Home

cargo trailer turned to transforming stealth tiny house 001 600x399   Man Turns Cargo Trailer Into Transforming Stealth Tiny House

Images © Bill Southworth

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The Rose Housetruck For Sale is a guest post/for sale listing by Michael Ostaski

This is a chance to own a classic piece of American history. I use to live in this house on wheels and traveled on the road for many years up and down the California/Oregon/Washington coast but now however I have retired it from the road and I have parked it on several different pieces of land. This truck makes a great “Tiny Home”. It has an incredible history and is a one of a kind.

So what you have here is a hand built totally custom home on wheels. It’s been called a “land yacht”. It’s very comfortable, has many features, and can be upgraded to have a little more modern comforts such as solar, wi-fi, etc.

1948 International Housetruck Tiny Home For Sale

the rose 1948 international housetruck for sale 0001 600x548   The Rose: 272 Sq. Ft. Housetruck For Sale

Images © Michael Ostaski

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I had to share this 1951 Federal Housetruck Motorhome with you that’s for sale ($69500) and currently listed on Craigslist in the Milton, Washington area which is about 3 hours away from Portland, Oregon.

The truck cab was completely restored beginning around 2003, then the tiny home was built onto it and it was completed in 2008. It’s a 5 ton truck.

The overall length of the motorhome is 30′ and it has a width of 8’3″. When parked and the pop outs are out it’s 14′ wide which is nice because you get all that extra valuable space inside. Overall height is about 11′ tall so you won’t need any special permits to drive it. In total it weighs about 24,000 pounds. Enjoy the tour and full description below. If you’re interested, and it’s still available, use the Craigslist ad to contact the owner. Thank you and enjoy!

Our biggest thanks to Debbie Gannon for sharing this one with us!

1951 Federal Housetruck Motorhome Conversion For Sale

1951 federal housetruck motorhome conversion for sale 0001   1951 Federal Housetruck For Sale

Images © Craigslist

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Meet B.A. Norrgard. She’s a woman who attended a Four Lights Tiny House Workshop in February of 2013. After the event, she bought the Gifford tiny house plans and started building.

Five months later, her little house on wheels is complete. And now she’s been hired as COO to work with Jay Shafer and the rest of his Four Lights Tiny House Company team in California. Now that’s a pretty awesome story, isn’t it?

Once upon a time she was a litigation paralegal. And she desired a change. Now she’s helping others simplify their lives to live more purposeful lives. Just like she’s doing. Jay Shafer is calling her a “tiny house superhero.” And right now I just felt I had to introduce you to her. So, please, take a video tour of her new tiny house below, enjoy, and re-share if you feel compelled to!

Meet this Tiny House Superhero (And Her Gifford)

bas four lights gifford tiny house 002 600x323   Woman Builds 112 Sq. Ft. Gifford Tiny House on Wheels

Images © Isha Erskine/YouTube

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